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Get your WARQ on!

You may or may not of heard of them, but they're kicking up a storm. They're here, they're the WARQ helmet: a helmet which gives full face protection right out of the box.The WARQ helmet was born out of the requirement of full face protection for Airsoft which is fully secured and wobble free.

The helmet itself is constructed from high quality and highly durable materials, comprised of Aluminium, Polycarbonate, Fiberglass, Brass, Polyamide Nylon, EPP foam, Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene, Rubber and Microfiber Leather. The helmet comes fully constructed with a clear polycarbonate lens and aluminium mesh lower face guard, and is rated to last the user up to 3 years.

Traditionally in Airsoft players were forced to build their own full face helmet setup comprised of a random helmet, eye protection and lower face mask which usually meant that nothing would fit right, shift about during the day, and even fog up. That is now a thing of the past: the WARQ helmet fits together perfectly, with each part of the helmet fitting together securely to make a one piece system which is wobble free and provides protection from all angles.
If you're worried about customisation options, there is no need, the WARQ helmet is fully modular, with the ability to swap out the Visor, Mesh lower, and the Top, allowing you to customize the helmet to your heart's content. WARQ offer a full range of aftermarket replacements, meaning not only are you able to make the helmet your own, but should any part become damaged it is easy to swap with a replacement part.

This helmet is perfect for those safety conscious Airsoft players who want protection from anything an Airsoft Skirmish can throw at them. Being scared of low flying BBs, Sniper Rounds, Tag Rounds, Rocks, Branches and more are a thing of the past. Run head first into combat with a smile on your face!

Got you interested? Why not check out the helmets below!

Why are Airsoft BB polished?

Ever wondered why Airsoft BBs are polished? Its for good reason! It's not just another marketing slogan, it's actually to help with your accuracy!

Smoothing out and polishing your BB is a process designed to ensure there are no micro scratches or gaps on the BB, and almost all reputable BB brands do this.

The process has two effects:

  • Most importantly, removes any micro fissures or irregularity in the BB
  • Removes any excess residue from the BB

But why remove the bumps in the BB?

Any bumps, imperfections, grazes, dints or anything like that affect the air around the BB, which meaning that the flight path will be disturbed. The more imperfections you find on BBs the less accurate your shots will be, as the flight path will be more erratic, with the inaccuracy only increasing exponentially across long distances.

The hop-up unit is designed to add spin to the BB as it leaves the barrel to create a more stable Air pocket, and any imperfections can affect this.

Switching between a low quality BB and a high one can have all the world of difference when it comes to Airsoft. Why spend hundreds upgrading your rifle only to fail at the first hurdle by picking a low grade BB.

Excess residue on the BB, what's that?

Due to the way some BBs are produced residue can be left behind from the moulding process, which can either be a waxy substance or a release agent. Though they're not usually in a high enough amount to seriously destabilize the BB they can leave deposits behind in your barrel over time.

These deposits can then affect the trajectory and spin of the BB before they even leave your barrel, reducing your accuracy.

Over time these deposits build up and you will need to re-clean your barrel.

What BB do Patrol Base recommend?

We recommend all the BBs we sell, as they are the BBs our staff use when we play, however, these are our top 3 picks:

Commonly Asked Questions

Do you do bulk offers on your Airsoft BBs?

PatrolBase Jonny
Yes we do offer bulk BB offers. Your best bet is to check out the Bulk Buys Section on our website, which I'll link below. Hope this helps 🙂

Does putting a suppressor on an Airsoft replica do anything?

Does a Suppressor work in Airsoft?

Call them what you want: Suppressors, Silencers, Moderators, in Airsoft they all pretty much mean the same thing, the tube you stick on the end of your gun which makes it look super tactical cool, and for the most part, they really... don't do anything.

What do Suppressors in Airsoft actually do?

For the most part, they don't really do anything. They change the noise of the replica as the Air which leaves the barrel is disrupted, but other than that not really. Most of the noise an Airsoft replica makes when its shot is from the main body of the replica. They aren't sealed so noises can escape through the body.

When it comes to what causes the sound, with a gas gun most of the sound comes from the slide and the gas escaping out the top, and with an AEG the noise comes from the motor and gearbox, and you ain't stopping that.

Some suppressors are foam filled which absorbs the excess Air coming out the end of the barrel which usually causes the 'pop' sound as you fire the replica. This does make the replica harder to identify, but if you're shooting at Airsoft ranges the sound of replica's gearbox or gas system working will give you away anyway.

Saying that, 99% of all Airsoft suppressors do nothing to sound, though there are some exceptions which have practical uses.

So what do people actually use Silencers in Airsoft for?

To look super mega tactical

Suppressors look cool. Pretty much, 100% of the time, 90% of the time, they're just for looks. The longer your gun, the cooler it is, that's how it works right? A suppressor adds +3 to your super sneaky rating.

To cover barrel extensions

Some people like to increase the length of their inner barrels for whatever reason they decide in an attempt to make their Airsoft replica shoot further or more accurately. Finding longer replacement barrels for some replicas can be a nightmare, so if the inner barrel sticks out the end a few inches then they can be easily covered with a mock suppressor.

It keeps the replica looking realistic, rather than having a silver or brass barrel hanging out the end, and also protects it from getting damaged.

Most Tracer Units actually look like Suppressors

You might see a lot of people rocking suppressor in dark gaming environments and wanted to get yourself some glowing BBs. If you've ever played in a dark Arena or CQB site then without a doubt you'll have seen someone using tracer rounds, sending hundreds of glowing angry BBs down range towards you, they look really cool.

The thing is, without a light source the BBs don't glow, they need to be 'charged' before they're fired. You can leave them in bright light all day long and they'll only retain their glow for a short amount of time, no where near long enough to play a game with them. The solution to the problem is to 'charge' the BB before they leave the barrel, and before you knew it the Airsoft Tracer Unit was invented.

Airsoft tracer units contain an ultra bright LED and trip mechanism, so as the BB travels down the tracer unit it activates the LED for a short amount of time to create a flash and 'charge' the BB to its max just in time for you to watch is gloriously float down towards your enemy.

Not only do tracer BB look brilliant indoors, but it also allows you to see if the other player are taking their hits... not that they ever wouldn't... right?

As a barrel extension

For AEG Airsoft Replicas a barrel extension usually does nothing, but for Gas guns they can make the world of difference. Though not widely used, barrel extension suppressors line up with their own inner barrel with the inner barrel of the replica, and push them together using a spring to cause a seal.

Because the barrel is longer, the gas has more time to expand, causing more pressure, and increasing the power of the shot (for better or for worse).

These types of barrel extensions were all the rage a few years ago, but have pretty much disappeared. The only exception to this is the ASG MK23, which comes with a mock suppressor which is a barrel extension, and can increase the FPS of the replica between 50-100fps!

Common Questions

Do Airsoft Suppressors work?

Does putting a suppressor on an airsoft pistol do anything?

PatrolBase Jonny
If you're looking to reduce the volume of the replica: no. The suppressor only affects the noise coming out of the barrel, the majority of the noise caused by Airsoft replica is typically what powers it. For example, on an gas pistol the noise from the gas coming out the top of the slide and it racking back, and on an AEG from the gearbox and motor. Some items do have a practical use such as as a Tracer Unit or barrel extension, but sound wise, nothing.

Do Airsoft silencers use baffle like a real one?

Do Airsoft silencers use baffle like a real guns suppressor?

PatrolBase Jonny
No, Airsoft suppressors tend to use a round of foam which covers the inside face of the suppressor, and is then held in place by a spring to prevent it from falling in the way of the shot. People have tried making baffles for Airsoft but they don't really work.

Hope this post has been informative and given you a better insight into the ins and outs of Airsoft suppressor. Let us know in the comments below if you rock an Airsoft Suppressor or Silencer on your pew pew! Most of us do, just because they look cool.

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