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Feature Friday – Jake

Today's feature Friday brings you Jake, your Saturday lad who plays Airsoft, but specialises more so in Multi-Gun Syndicate, a 2 or 3 gun practical shooting club. We think you're going to find this blog very interesting today.

What is Multi-Gun Syndicate?:

A brand/organisation established in Huddersfield as a Practical Shooting Club where shooters meet and use Airsoft weapons to engage in competitive speed and accuracy shooting upon a wide range of hand made targets. A combination of rifles, shotguns and pistols are used within individual and combined runs and is very similar to the old and popular IPSC action air single gun matches.

Matches generally have courses of fire where the shooter must move through different stages and engage with targets both static and moving in a variety of positions. Runs are scored on speed and accuracy and time penalties are added for misses or targets being completely ignored or missed out by accident. Typically there are two divisions (weapons used) which include realistic GBB pistols, GBB rifles and gas shell ejecting shotguns. The other division being none realistic in which you can use a GBB pistol, AEG Rifle or anything you truly find comfortable including none shell ejecting shotguns. You tend to find more serious competitions to fall into the pure GBB only division.

Jake focuses on the realistic division, this requires more time in planning how you're going to reload efficiently and how a stage will be run to accommodate usual Airsoft gas problems and time isn't lost through transitioning between targets.

Gear Worn:

Like other sports, this is all about speed but also very importantly accuracy. You're not going to find Jake running and gunning in a full Airsoft assault vest, boots and kneepads.

Below we have a breakdown of what is typically worn by most but more importantly Jake on a stage event and practice:

Keeping his gear lightweight, compact and everything on the hip allows for the fastest reload possible and access to any holstered weapons to quickly transition into the next stages and target situations.

Guns Used:

Onto the big boys! With this being a competition, you do not really find many completely stock rifles used and with the realistic division being Jake 's focus, you're going to want your GBB rifle, pistol and shotguns to run as smooth, reliable and consistently as possible. Some upgrades are going to be required... Let's start off with the shotgun.

Jake runs a custom build APS CAM 870 shell ejecting shotgun running smart shells by Joe Lau and Mark Farrar. After his recent competition win, he is proudly sponsored by APS now providing essential shells which he will fly through quite a few during the sport. More on his recent winning later in the blog!

The shotgun has undergone upgraded parts but also some hacking away with tools to allow for a wide shell loading port for faster but also smoother re-loads. The shotgun itself has the following upgrades:

  • Water Mellon 11 plus 1 extended magazine tube
  • APS SAI 26inch barrel
  • 3 Gun nation receiver machined for quad loading of shells (two shells loaded at the same time with a rapid follow up of 2 more)
  • Extended safeties
  • Hogue real steel furniture
  • 3D printed match saver

Jake's second primary weapon is his beloved Tokyo Marui MTR16, another GBB weapon favoured by many normal airsofter's for its straight out of the box reliability and consistency, plus the realistic GBB action. Internally this rifle has undergone very little work, that just says enough straight away for how consistent and accurate these rifles are for a GBB platform.

Externally the rifle features the following:

  • VORTEX - Sparc AR
  • BCM stock
  • BCM pistol gripDP ambidextrous racking charging handle
  • DP 150% nozzle spring set
  • 3D printed mag well

The reason for opting with VORTEX is the instant clear vision when rapidly changing between targets, available fine-tuning for windage and elevations plus brightness control. The quality of the anti-reflective lens and also lifetime warranty over any fault and accident is a big bonus too. You can find out more about this warranty on any VORTEX products further information page.

All upgraded external parts allow for faster smoother action, the stock is slightly curved on the lower end which allows for faster shouldering, you literally rock the rifle up into your shoulder and eye-line. 3D printed parts are used too for the ultimate precision against the shooter's magazine choice too.

Lastly the pistol/s. These builds can exceed quite easily into the thousands of pounds, not just from the parts but also the many hours spent on tuning, polishing, lapping and custom milling work. As well as the performance, a lot of personality goes into these sidearms too which can cost a pretty penny.

Based originally on a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1, every part has been scrapped along the way and now consists of the following:

  • LIMCAT Tigercat slide set
  • NOVA brass hop
  • Elite 6.02 7inch inner barrel
  • 60-degree Maple Leaf hop-up rubber
  • AIP nozzle
  • Airsoft Masterpiece BBU
  • Airsoft Masterpiece 6 inch Limcat advanced frame
  • Limcat hammer
  • Full steel trigger box
  • Prime grip
  • 2 piece puzzle trigger
  • Extended steel safeties
  • Replica 90 degree C-MORE fitted to a no-drill mount

Recent Winning:

From the 10th to the 12th of May 2019 as the Northern Shooting show Jake and associates attended and hosted the Multi-Gun Syndicate UK British Championships. From all who entered the stages, Jake won within the Realistic Division as the overall winner. Not only did he win the trophy but also a Magload "V" load shotgun caddy.

If you're wanting more information on the sport and events, check out their official Facebook group by clicking here.

You can check out more photos on Jake on our featured album on Instagram by giving us a follow.

Always use the right charger to charge your Airsoft battery!

Airsoft Battery should only be charged with the chargers as they are specifically designed to work with the specific voltages required by the battery.

Different battery types have different chemical configurations, and require certain chargers to charge them. Charging a battery with the wrong charger can cause damage to the battery and charger, and can cause fires and further damage. Please ensure that before charging you double check that you are using the correct charger.

If your charger supports multiple battery types always ensure that it is on the correct settings before starting the charge.

If you are unsure of what battery or charger you have please get in touch with us via the Contact Us Page.

Common Questions

Can I use the charger which came with my gun to charge a LiPo?

I got a battery charger free with my gun, can I use this to charge my Lipo???

PatrolBase Jonny
If you got a free charger with your gun, we don't recommend you you it anyway, as they're usually a free gift and don't auto-stop when full. Typically the chargers which come with a gun are designed to charge Ni-Mh batteries, so charging a LiPo with this charger is likely to cause damage to the equipment, and possibly fires. We suggest you throw away the free charger, and invest in a higher quality LiPo auto-stop charger, which can be found in our LiPo Chargers Section on the website.

PatrolBase Jonny
For more information on the free chargers please see our blog post:
Free Gift Batteries / Chargers, Replace them!

What happens if I use the wrong charger with my LiPo

I just plugged a lipo to my ni-mh charger, what can happen?

PatrolBase Jonny
Charging a LiPo on a Ni-Mh charger is dangerous. A LiPo is only designed to store a maximum of approx 4.2v per cell, with a Ni-Mh designed to hold much more across the entire battery. If you charge a LiPo with a Ni-Mh charger it will not know to stop automatically at the correct voltage for safety, and at worse case if you don't use an auto stop charger it will go until the battery fails. Battery failure usually results in the battery 'popping', 'swelling', and in some cases catching fire.

PatrolBase Jonny
If you're using a LiPo and it is swollen or damaged stop using it immediately and get yourself a new one, disposing of the old one safely.

Feature Friday – Cauly

Today we have Cauly, our warehouse staff member who knows how to work fast out on the field. Cauly isn't just a Speedsofter, he also enjoys woodland sites sniping and more. But his go-to load-out is speedsoft based.

What is speedsoft? Basically, run as lightweight as possible, slimline as possible and as fast as possible! Storming rooms, fast and precision shooting and control is key. Most sites that Cauly would play at (and other speedsofters) are typically UK based and limited to single shot only, you can't just go running into any room and spamming the trigger and essentially overkilling as it would result in an instant ban. Running and gunning and tapping 2 or 3 rounds into each target fast does take more skill than you first think.

The Gear:

So, let's start off with the gear first.















Starting from the head down, typically a beanie is worn when it's not too hot or a backwards baseball cap, just to add a bit of head protection from incoming fire. The mask that Cauly currently runs is a paintball mask known as the V-FORCE Grill mask.















Why a paintball mask? The lenses are more than rated high enough for BB impact and paintball masks have been in production longer than Airsoft protection. What you tend to find and especially from a mask at this value, is they are very hard to fog up. They offer great full face protection and are very comfortable. With years of design and variants, time has been spent on creating something very comfortable to wear and run and gun with for hours.

Moving down, a generic t-shirt, thin and lightweight allows for mobility and acrobatic slides to take place in any arena... Yep, this is very thin and it's going to hurt when getting hit. Continuing down the arms are more paintball gear again. Very comfortable and offers great protection against fast incoming fire from other speedsofters and general Airsofters. The arm pads are from DYE, elasticated and highly adjustable.















Occasionally a speedsofter would wear a battle belt to hold magazine pouches, but more often than not trouser pockets will do. Under Armour shorts are Cauly's choice followed up with DYE paintball knee pads and some old smelly trainers to get the job done. Ankle support really is often forgotten about when Speedsofting, but you tend to play this style in a cleaner purpose-built arena where trip hazards are far smaller than your regular Airsoft site.

The Power:

Most speedsofters eventually and quite quickly go down the HPA route for efficiency, trigger response and consistency of power that is delivered to every shot. An HPA setup can quite easily be the heaviest piece of a loadout and weigh more than the guns used. Cauly chooses to follow most players and adopt an air tank in a rucksack/backpack.















Inside Cauly runs a DYE carbon air tank, expensive but picked up used he saved a tiny fortune in cost, but a huge amount in weight too. Topped off with a WOLVERINE - Airsoft STORM Regulator to control the output pressure of air before being pressurised into his gas magazines and Polarstar JACK system, more on this to come later in the blog.

The Guns:


Cauly never likes to run cheap, with an addiction to upgrading, chasing perfection but also reliability means he runs expensive but still reasonable compared to what some people spend. Let's start off with the pistol.















Built for precision, fast action, lightweight and also good lucks, Cauly runs a fully built Airsoft Masterpiece scratch built 5.1 Hi-Capa setting him back roughly £900. That isn't including the near £160 weapon light too.

We already know why he runs air, so each magazine is tapped for HPA, rocking a few extended magazines with 50rnd capacity limits his reload necessity to a minimum. Internally the whole gun is upgraded including the magazines with routing valves, uprated springs, seals, nozzles and more!















The pistol weapon light torch is typically used for real-steel shooters and combined with a coloured lens protector for a bit of personality whilst blinding enemy targets with a Blue strobe. This is Cauly's pride any joy and the go-to for CQB gameplay as it allows for fast movement and a more compact frame for faster room and corridor clearance.


Another HPA build, this time powered by a Polarstar Jack system and a few tasty exterior upgrades and more.

Based on a G&G polymer receiver, the whole upper and lower has been skeletonised with a Dremel, and further stippled on the lower and the pistol grip wherever hand contact is usually found whilst aiming. The front is finished with an alloy sound hog/amplifier to add a bit more feat whilst running and gunning fast though interior environments.

The insides feature the already mentioned Polar Star Jack, Pro-Win M4 hop-up unit and a custom 3D printed trigger to limit trigger pull distance to a hairs width and bouncing for faster single shot action.















Finally, Cauly runs Murder Magazines, one of few magazines on the market to be built so strong and also be able to feed over 50 rounds per second. Cauly very rarely gets to use full auto and is pretty much used for showing off on most UK sites when permitted and not used in anger towards anyone. Topped off, Cauly sticks with his high price but reliably motto and runs a VORTEX - Venom Red Dot with riser for low light target acquisition.

If you want to see more of Cauly and other members of staff, then check out our Feature Friday's album on our Instagram account which can be found here.

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