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Explosive Airsoft Weekend!

What a weekend it was! Today we want to recap what we got up to at HALO MILL - Proving Grounds. We hope it might just wet your pewing appetite to visit the next game day.

Our last game day was held on the 4th of November, there may have been a few fireworks going off through the late afternoon too...

The event was massive last year, but we knew this year was going to get even more hyped by players, so we had to deliver a few more bangs.

Recap on the days scoring:
Well, what can we say from today but thanks to everyone who came to operation treason and made it one to remember. We have never seen so many objectives so bitterly fought over and great sportsmanship from both side, we also hope you all enjoyed the final display on the bridge.

The day was won by the non-banded team with 759 to the blue teams 750 it was a close game all day and from all our staff we thank you for your efforts in making these events what they are.

What's coming next?:

Christmas special! It will be Proving Grounds last game day for 2018, so if you are keen to experience woodland like never before, and face a few hundred enemy targets then get clicking here to find out more and book a spot or two.

RAVEN 1911 Magazine TM Compatibility

If you're looking for Magazines for your brand new RAVEN 1911 look no further, they're here, and they're a bit more special than you think. The Magazine is a 26rnd Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol Magazine designed for use with the NUPROL RAVEN Range of MEU 1911 Pistols, but with an extra twist, they also fit Tokyo Marui 1911 Based Pistol as well!

Though designed for the Raven MEU M1911 Pistols, the magazine is also compatible with Toyko Marui M1911 Pistols. We have tested the magazine in the Tokyo Marui M1911 A1 Colt Government Airsoft Pistol, and the Tokyo Marui No.47 STRIKE Warrior .45 Gas Pistol, meaning they should work in all Marui MEU/1911 based pistols.

This is great news, because it means access to a more readily available, cheaper and more common supply of mags for Tokyo Marui 1911, what's not to like?

Also, for those who are interested, the Co2 Variant of the Raven magazine is currently in development, and should be out in the next two months!

What do the MEU 1911 Raven Magazine fit into?

what gun does the raven 1911 mag fit into?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! The Raven 1911 mag fits into the Raven 1911 Pistol, but also fits Tokyo Marui 1911 Based Pistols. Hope this helps 🙂

Co2 or Green Gas?

Is this mag Co2 or Gas?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! The Raven mags are all Green Gas at the moment, but they will be releasing the Co2 variants within the next couple of months! Hope this helps 🙂

Storm 360 Grenades

Looking to pepper your friends with hundreds of BBs? Or simply looking for something to clear rooms in CQB? The ASG Storm 360 Impact Grenade might just be the thing you're looking for. Available in Black, Olive Green, and Lime Green, these Gas Powered Impact Grenades spew out streams off BBs when thrown against a hard surface, perfect for clearing out tight spaces and corridors in a CQB environment.

Licensed by ASG the grenade comes available in multiple colours, and is a great alternative to traditional BFGs and Paper Pyro. The benefit over Paper Pyro is that they are reusable, requiring only the cost off BBs and Gas to refill, something most Airsofters will have on them most of the time.

Powered by Airsoft Green Gas, the grenade is filled via a top fill valve once the Safety Pin is inserted and is easy to prime, simply by depressing the button on the top of the grenade.  The grenade holds up to 165 BBs, which are loaded into the top using an Airsoft Speed Loader.

Don't take our word for it. Check it out in action below.

 ASG Storm 360 Impact Grenade - Black  ASG Storm 360 Impact Grenade - Olive ASG Storm 360 Impact Grenade - Lime Green

How many BBs does this fire?

How many bbs does the ASG storm fire?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! The grenade holds up to 165BBs, but we recommend loading around 100 for maximum impact! Hope this helps 🙂

Fine for under 18s?

Can I use this at my site if I am under 18?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! Some grenades may allow the use of this grenade if you are under 18, because it does not contain any explosives, however, this varies on a site to site basis! We recommend getting in contact with your site beforehand to avoid disappointment! Hope this helps 🙂

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