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Feature Friday – Cal

Today we want to introduce you to Cal, one of our customer sales reps who you may have also seen in-store in the past. What's special about Cal? Quite a lot of things but more so his loadout.

The Inspirations:

Cal is Mr. Tarkov, a PC game that has a particular faction that grabbed Cal's interest to adapt it into his latest Airsoft loadout known as USEC.

USEC ( United Securities ) Is an American faction deployed in the fictional region of Tarkov in Russia. They are hired as PMC security for the TERRA GROUP LABS company operating in illegal experiments in an abandoned factory. They're known for being equipped with basic gear issued for quick elimination raids, clear & extract. However, in the heat of the war-torn city, command ( USEC HQ ) left behind the remaining PMC's and left them to fend for themselves in an endless firefight against armed civilians & the Russian counter force BEAR.

The Gear:

It's becoming ever more popular for Airsofters to attend with a bit of Cosplay/theme behind their attire. Airsoft is growing more in variety these days, a lot more than the original "everyone attends wearing DPM!" found years before. Let's get to the goodies Cal has gone with for his latest look:

The Guns:

Yep guns! Cal, like Milky, has a small armoury of his own, but his last prized possessions have to be GBB all the way. Cal's primary is an externally modified GHK - M4 GBBR decked out with the following:

Onto Cal's secondary, its a simple, standard We Europe - G-Series G19 GBB pistol. Cal likes realism, movement and weight hence going GBB for both primary and secondary.

If you want to see more on Cal's and other staff builds and load-outs? Click here to see our “Staff Armoury” index.

Explosive Airsoft Weekend!

What a weekend it was! Today we want to recap what we got up to at HALO MILL - Proving Grounds. We hope it might just wet your pewing appetite to visit the next game day.

Our last game day was held on the 4th of November, there may have been a few fireworks going off through the late afternoon too...

The event was massive last year, but we knew this year was going to get even more hyped by players, so we had to deliver a few more bangs.

Recap on the days scoring:
Well, what can we say from today but thanks to everyone who came to operation treason and made it one to remember. We have never seen so many objectives so bitterly fought over and great sportsmanship from both side, we also hope you all enjoyed the final display on the bridge.

The day was won by the non-banded team with 759 to the blue teams 750 it was a close game all day and from all our staff we thank you for your efforts in making these events what they are.

What's coming next?:

Christmas special! It will be Proving Grounds last game day for 2018, so if you are keen to experience woodland like never before, and face a few hundred enemy targets then get clicking here to find out more and book a spot or two.

Feature Friday – Milky

Milky, also known as Mike started off in Patrol Base and occasionally falls back into customer assistance in store. However most of the time these days he is working away adding product content to our website, answering questions on social media and Toky Woky. Whilst doing all of this, he does occasionally get outside into the fresh air to shoot some 6mm plastic.

The Gear:

Milky like a few other members of staff loves to run lightweight, but also very very practical! He's not a gear-whore even though he's wearing KRYPTEK.... this is only because he's a bargain hunter and managed to grab some during our sales at a very low price.















Starting from the head down Milky is equipped with:

Going round to the back, more often than not, especially in the summer Milky runs smart and keeps hydrated with an 8Fields Tactical - Hydration Pack. 















Milky tends to prefer a CQB environment over woodland, so keeping a slim and low-profile RIG is a must. He is quite the skinny guy already, running light he hardly ever makes a noise and makes for a very sneaky and fast-paced teammate.

The Guns:

Yes, guns and many of them. Some would say he has a problem, but we know a few would also say he's still not got enough... Over the years Milky has grown a loving for anything GBB and the more realistic, the better! He still relies upon his faithful and probably oldest AEG the Classic Army M15A4 decked out in a custom paint job (done so by himself) and a NUPROL - 4x32 ELCAN Spectre with Red Dot.

The gun itself has hardly been touched inside, it has actually rarely been opened and has been in operation for years! The old Classic Army was certainly one of the must-have brands over 6 years ago. They are still favourable today, but not seen a lot either in store or on the field.

For realism once again, Milky prefers to run Mid or Low cap magazines to limit the chance of BB rattles and no need to wind your mags. Of course, this gun wouldn't be that ideal in a built-up CQB environment... This is where we introduce his little friend, probably what he is more famous for owning.

Proudly fully maintained, tweaked and adapted his We Europe - G-Series G17 WET Force is always run with WE Europe - G-Series Extended Magazines. Why extended? They hold more gas and BB's but the gas deliverance is far more efficient. When backed up with his Endo - Tactical Stock Adaptor the pistol practically becomes an SMG with improved accuracy and puts a smile on his face on every shot.

The final little upgrade for the pistol is the SLONG Airsoft - G-Series Rear Sight Rail. When he isn't running his red dot on his ELCAN, it gets slapped on his G-Series for added target acquisition and TACTICOOL-ness.

That's not all though... we mentioned he loves gas, but he also loves being a sneaky sniper when the weathers not too poor. Here is a little run down to his armoury:

Want to find out more and see him in all of his glory, then follow our Instagram account for the latest.

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