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Explosive Airsoft Weekend!

What a weekend it was! Today we want to recap what we got up to at HALO MILL - Proving Grounds. We hope it might just wet your pewing appetite to visit the next game day.

Our last game day was held on the 4th of November, there may have been a few fireworks going off through the late afternoon too...

The event was massive last year, but we knew this year was going to get even more hyped by players, so we had to deliver a few more bangs.

Recap on the days scoring:
Well, what can we say from today but thanks to everyone who came to operation treason and made it one to remember. We have never seen so many objectives so bitterly fought over and great sportsmanship from both side, we also hope you all enjoyed the final display on the bridge.

The day was won by the non-banded team with 759 to the blue teams 750 it was a close game all day and from all our staff we thank you for your efforts in making these events what they are.

What's coming next?:

Christmas special! It will be Proving Grounds last game day for 2018, so if you are keen to experience woodland like never before, and face a few hundred enemy targets then get clicking here to find out more and book a spot or two.

Operation Enforcer – Debrief

What a weekend!

Did you make it? Did you get your own footage? If so then share it with us and you could be featured on our website and social platforms. A few words from Stu:

"The gameplay on show was great and awesome to see loads of new faces, in the end, the non-band team took a solid win with 612 points to the yellow teams valiant 567.

Hope you all enjoyed the day even with the heat and we hope to see you all next month."

Here are a few of our favorite highlighted moments from the day caught on camera.


For the full album, click here to be directed to our official album from Operation Enforcer.

If you aren't already following HALO MILL - Proving Grounds, click here to see when our future events are being held.

If you want to book for our future events, check out our events page on our booking page to find out more.

ASG MP9: Too Hot in the Sun

Summer times almost upon us! This is the time where Airsoft is at its finest, the sun is high in the sky, birds are tweeting, and the woodlands of the UK echo with the sound of 'HIT'. Not only does Summer bring longer days, and more time in the beer garden, it also brings the Gas Blowback Airsoft Player's worst fear: the heat. Heat effects Gas Guns in interesting ways, mainly by increasing the FPS of the weapon, and if your gun is already close to the line a small temperature increase could spell disaster. This is common not only to Green Gas Guns, but to CO2 pistols as well, with CO2 guns showing a huge jump in power in the heat.

We were talking to Danny from Halo Mill, an Airsoft CQB Arena located in Huddersfield, and he was telling us he's seen a huge increase in the amount of MP9 players which are having to switch out from their favourite gun because they are simply too hot.

Well, there's an easy solution for that: The ASG MP9 Downgrade Bolt.


Downgrade bolt to the rescue!

If you're familiar with the MP9 in heat, you'll know as soon as it gets a little too warm your gun will be firing hot! The worst we've ever seen was one of these guns reaching around 420fps on one of the hottest days of the year, suffice to say: he did not get to play that day.

The was light at the end of the tunnel, we fitted the ASG MP9 Downgrade Bolt to the weapon and it brought his FPS right down to around 300fps, making it perfect for playing with even in the highest of temperatures.

The Downgrade / CQB Bolt is a drop in and play downgrade for all KWA / ASG MP9 Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Guns. The Bolt is constructed from Alloy, making it durable and long lasting, and has been specifically designed to drop the FPS of the weapon by around 50-70 fps making it Site Legal for most Skirmish Sites in the UK.

Once fitted the Bolt usually sees the weapon firing around 290 to 310fps dependant on the Temperature of the Gas in the Magazine. This is a must have purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher who owns an MP9 who wants to Skirmish their weapon.

Best thing: once it starts to get cold again, you can just re-install your old bolt.


But how do I fit the bolt?

If you're au fait with the MP9 then replacing the bolt is a doddle, but for those who don't know how, or want it fitting before we send you your shiny brand new MP9 you can get in contact with us!

If you want one fitting before we dispatch your MP9, then feel free to get in touch with our customer services team on: 01484 644709, or email: sales@patrolbase.co.uk.

If you want  help with fitting the bolt, or want us to fit one into your existing weapon then feel free to get in touch with our Workshop Team on: 01484 644709, or email: workshop@patrolbase.co.uk.

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