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Pre-Order! – VORSK Agency VX-9

Today we are bringing you the latest news and pre-order ability of the latest release from VORSK, the Agency VX-9!

We expect the VX-9 to be shipping to your door from the 8th of June, you will have three variant options available to you. Choose between Chrome or Black, each pistol comes with a unique suppressor and stunning accented details all over the pistol. The third variant option is a special edition box set that includes two VX-9's in one box alongside 2x standard and 2x extended magazines.

The special edition Chrome has hand picked Black accented sights and unique series numbers to suit. Each Special edition box set includes a matching serial number that ends in the letter A and B. What's going to be the lowest earliest serial numbers you will get your hands on?

Lets expand on the questions everyone wants answering, first of all the magazines. As already mentioned the special edition models come with 4 magazines in total (as you have 2 pistols), two of these magazines are extended 50rnd capacity. This pistol is compatible with Tokyo Marui and RAVEN MEU 1911 Gas and CO2 powered magazines.

Straight out of the box we have reports from the developers that you can expect 330fps roughly using NUPROL 2.0 Green gas. The suppressor also features an inner barrel extensions which will further improve your pistols accuracy and range plus a little FPS boost at the same time. You can also dismantle the suppressor/inner barrel extension unit so you can put your own foam inside there too! VORSK also plan on releasing their own dedicated foam filled suppressors at some point in the future, right now we have no date on those.

As with most VORSK pistols, the internals are Tokyo Marui compatible, however it cannot be guaranteed every upgrade part is 100% compatible without minor modifications. We always advise you shoot your Airsoft guns over 2 to 3 games to let them bed in, before you start chasing a couple of foot in extra range with upgrades.

Both pistols also have removable real wood grips, a potential special assassin option could be to replace them with integrated laser grips...

So, if you like what you see you can pre-order right now through our website here.

New This Week: The Latest SPECNA

While everything has been in lock-down we've had some serious goodies sneaking into the warehouse, and now its finally time to reveal them!

This week we're going to check out some of the new Specna Arms kit that has come in this week. When it comes to Specna guns they're usually cool, but we've put together a short list of our favourites.

If you're looking for something to cure those lock-down blues then check out what's new in this week below!

Specna Arms SA-C10 PDW

This particular version of the SA-C10 comes with a PDW stock which is designed to be the ultimate in CQB stock, with a lower profile and size, making it easier to navigate tight indoor areas.



The replica features a four position adjustable PDW stock, designed to be ultra compact and as lightweight as possible for CQB environments and indoors gameplay. The battery storage compartment is integrated into the stock, allowing the battery to be stored in the mock buffer tube. The compartment can be accessed by twisting off the rear tube when the stock is fully extended. The stock can be extended both from the rear and right hand side of the stock using the easy release button system.

Internally the weapon features 8mm slide bearings and steel gears to enhance the lifespan of the gun, and features Specna Arm's EAS Quick Spring Change System, allowing you to easily and quickly remove the spring and replace it with a stronger or weaker one depending on the FPS limits of your local game site.

This rifle is perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who are getting into playing, even regular skirmishers, or those looking for a compact CQB weapon which is unique and ticks all the boxes.

Read more about the Specna Arms SA-C10 PDW CORE Rifle >

Specna Arms SA-C16 CORE

Part of Specna Arms' CORE series, the SA-C16 CORE brings an affordable Airsoft gun with a Quick Change Spring System to the table, as well as internal quality such as a Rotary HOP unit, Steel Gears and a 6.03mm inner barrel.



The CORE series of the Specna Arms family of Airsoft Electric Guns offers affordability and quality in one robust package, coupled with internal parts which put jaws on the floor. The Receiver, Stock and Pistol Grip are made of a high quality Nylon Fiber to keep the package lightweight, whilst still maintaining a rigid core for a tough rifle. The outer barrel assembly and hand guard and stock are made from Alloy, to ensure that the hand guard is tightly locked in place and wobble free.

The rifle can be customised to suit your tastes, with a full length top 20mm RIS / RAS rail coming in at 22.5'' in length leaving plenty of room for large sight and scope setups, and while you're at it, even enough room to fit a PEQ box as well. The hand guard can also be customised with modular aftermarket rail panels for added levels of customisation. If customising your replica is your thing then the flash hider can be removed to reveal a 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel perfect for attaching aftermarket suppressors, tracer units, and silencers. The six position adjustable stock can also be removed and swapped with any aftermarket AEG stock, and a small enough battery can even be bought to fit down the stock should you go for a low profile option.

Read more about the Specna Arms SA-C16 CORE Carbine Rifle >

Specna Arms SA-H21 Edge 2.0 AEG Carbine Rifle

Part of the EDGE 2.0 series of rifles this Airsoft AEG features a high quality build and a range of high quality upgrades right out of the box. No need to worry about upgrading the rifle, this gun comes pre-packed with everything you'll ever need. Just pick up the gun and play.



Based on the 416 the replica features a four point 20mm RIS / RAS railed hand guard, allowing for a variety of aftermarket grips, bi pods, launchers, lasers and more to be fitted. 20mm is the most common rail in Airsoft, meaning you'll have access to a wide variety of parts to truly make the replica your own. To get you started a forward vertical fore grip is included in the box.

Internally is where the replica really starts to shine. The gun comes packed with a wide variety of features which would cost hundreds of points to fit aftermarket right out of the box. Not only does the replica feature a re-inforced gearbox with many upgrade parts, it also features a highly advanced MOSFET system, a computerised system designed to enhance and improve the performance of the replica. The GATE ASTER is not just any MOSTFET designed to protect your trigger contacts, the ASTER is a direct replacement for the trigger mechanism and features a smart chip and many optical sensors designed to not only improve the performance of the replica, but also report and track logs of the performance of your gun.

Not only does the gun feature a top of the line MOSFET, the gearbox has also been upgraded. Internally the piston has been upgraded with a full set of steel teeth to protect against stripping during long term use, and has been paired with a high quality set of steel gears for maximum performance.

This gun is probably one of the last guns you'll ever need to buy. Every upgrade you'll ever have to think about is already fitted, and there are hundreds of possible configurations available.

Read more about the Specna Arms SA-H21 Edge 2.0 AEG Carbine Rifle >

Specna Arms Rock River Arms SA-C07 PDW CORE

This particular version of the SA-C07 comes with a PDW stock instead of the traditional M4 stock, and is designed for CQB environments to be as low profile as possible.



The weapon has plenty of room for aftermarket part attachment, supporting both 20mm RIS / RAS as well as KeyMod attachments. The top rail of the weapon is the full length of the rifle allowing for large and advanced sight and scope setups, and is 20mm RIS / RAS, the most common type for Airsoft attachments. The hand guard features KeyMod slots on the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions allowing for more modern attachments, and if you don't yet have any KeyMod attachable parts the set comes with KeyMod to 20mm RIS / RAS panels to allow your pre-existing kit to be attached. The panels can be moved up and down the handguard, and be positioned into optimal locations for best attaching accessories.

The rear of the gun features a PDW style stock, built from high quality alloys, with a polymer textured butt plate. The stock is great for CQB environments and locks securely into place. The stock is easy to adjust by simply pressing the catch release button and adjusting it to one of four positions.

Read more about the Specna Arms Rock River Arms SA-C07 PDW CORE >

Want to see more SPECNA?

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There you are, now you're up to speed with a few of the latest and greatest new products from this week! Let us know in the comments what you think of our picks, or let us know if there is something you're waiting for!

New this week: G&G Greatness

While everything has been in lock-down we've had some serious goodies sneaking into the warehouse, and now its finally time to reveal them!

This week we're going to check out some of the new G&G kit that has come in this week. These are the guns and accessories that we really think stand out, or at least what we in the Media department thing is cool anyway!

If you're looking for something to cure those lock-down blues then check out what's new in this week below!

G&G Piranha MK I

One of the latest pistols designed and built in-house by G&G this pistol does not disappoint. We're impressed with its super cool design, and even more impressed with what's inside it.

Carrying on the success from the GTP 9 this pistol contains all the latest advances in Airsoft pistol design, with a uniquely designed hop-up system and ceramic whirl valve designed to improve efficiency, reduce cool down, and enhance your Airsoft experience. What makes this pistol stand out is its split slide design. Unlike traditional pistols only the rear half of the slide moves backwards, meaning less force is required to cycle the pistol due to the reduced weight of the moving parts. The reduced weight improves the gas efficiency of the pistol, and increases the cycle rate allowing you to fire faster.

If you're after efficiency you've come to the right place. G&G's new gas system improves the efficiency of this gas pistol hugely. Thanks to G&G's new Ceramics whirl valve less gas is wasted, and is more efficiently transferred to the BB, and due to the materials makes the pistol less prone to cool down meaning you can get in more quicker repeat shots for longer.

Read more about the G&G Piranha MK I >

G&G BAMF 90 Round Magazine

They might look like a standard Airsoft M4 AEG magazine, but they've got a little secret, they launch themselves out of your gun when empty!

If you thought these magazines were compatible with the G&G BAMF rifle only you were wrong, as long as your gun supports G&G M4 / STANAG mags you too can get your hands on them. A spring powered latch projects the magazine out of your gun when the mag is empty to allow you to reload faster when the seconds really count.

It's going to be interesting to see how these play out, some of us love the idea, but some of us also think Airsoft sites are going to be finding a lot more of these in lost propery!

Read more about the G&G BAMF 90 Round Magazine >

G&G CM16 Raider-L 2.0E

The next iteration of the hugely popular CM16 Raider, designed and built on the M4 Platform, which is made to be a starter weapon which is not only a great price, but highly reliable as well! The G&G Raider, but with a PDW stock and MLOK rail, what's not to like?

What really makes this rifle stand out from the crowd is the M-LOK Hand guard, which comes fitted as standard, which is one of the latest types of Accessory attachment type to come to market, and is typically usually only seen in high-end weapon builds. The stock also stands out, with a sliding collapsible system making it low profile and perfect for CQB engagements.

Internally, the gearbox is rear wired, with the battery stored in the stock, and comes with a G&G Warranty Sticker so you know the rifle has never been tampered with. The gun features G&G's MOSFET system which is designed to protect the gun and battery during use, offers a better trigger response, and allows the guns full auto mode to be reprogrammed to three round burst.

This rifle is perfect for those who were on the fence buying the original combat machine, and wanted something a little more fancy, or for those looking for the ultimate backup rifle, which could in time take over their main weapon.

Read more about the G&G CM16 Raider-L 2.0E >

G&G L85 A2

This Airsoft gun is a replica of the famous L85 / SA80 used by the British Armed Forces as their standard issue rifle. This isn't your standard Airsoft L85 though, its packed with advanced features making this the only Airsoft L85 you'll ever consider buying.

Externally the replica has everything you would come to expect from an L85 replica, with all of the replica parts which would make it an A2 version, with an enlarged curved charging handle. The replica features a rubberised cheek rest and butt plate to prevent slippage, and a large hand guard with opening top cover where they batteries are stored which power the replica. The carry handle can also be removed to reveal a top dovetail mount for attaching replica L85 SUSAT sights.

Internally the replica features G&Gs new ETU system which makes it stand out from all the other available replicas on the market. The replica includes an Electronic Trigger Unit, making the trigger pull light and consistent. The ETU also helps prevent gearbox locking when rapid firing on single shot, as well as preventing the classic fault of trigger contact failure. The trigger can also be programmed to fire in three round burst. The weapon also features a MOSFET which allows for the use of 11.1v batteries. Thanks to the power of 11.1v LiPo the blowback mechanism is crisp, making the gun even more fun to use.

Read more about the G&G L85 A2 >

G&G Cobalt Kinetics Team BAMF Advanced

The Cobalt Kineticts Team BAMF Advanced Airsoft Electric Gun is built like a tank, using CNC Machined Aluminium for the Upper and One Piece Lower Receiver, as well as Pistol Grip and Stock. It has the same Auto Ejecting Mag System as the real firearm, and will stop firing and eject the mag once empty.

This Airsoft Electric Gun is a fully licensed replica of the Cobalt Kinetics TEAM 5.56x45mm AR platform rifle, which was made as a competition gun to massively improve timings by shortening operation of the rifle with an Automatic Magazine Ejection system called CARS. This system has proved itself with 21 podium finishes and two world titles in the Competitive Shooting scene. The Airsoft Replica is designed to perfectly mimic the system by having a spring-loaded flap on the magazine which will activate as soon as the last BB has left the magazine, prompting you to insert a new magazine, and shaving precious seconds off your reload time. The Gearbox will stop turning over once the magazine has ejected, and will continue to fire again once a magazine is detected inside the magwell. This system can be deactivated with a small Toggle Switch on the top of the magazine; alternatively you can use traditional Airsoft M4 Magazines as you would in any other Airsoft Gun, but CARS compatible magazines are required for the Auto-Drop Function to work.

The heart of this Airsoft Gun features the fearsome G&G G2 Gearbox which seriously ramps up features out of the box, and sets a whole new level of expectations from your Airsoft Equipment. Main features of the G2 Gearbox include a Quick Change Spring which allows changing of the Main Spring without disassembly of the gearbox, a 50% decrease in size of the MOSFET whilst retaining the same performance, a built-in speaker for Audible Warnings and Troubleshooting (such as warnings for Low Voltage and Motor Jams), as well 70% improved strength from a redesign of the Gearbox.

Read more about the G&G Cobalt Kinetics Team BAMF Advanced >

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There you are, now you're up to speed with a few of the latest and greatest new products from this week! Let us know in the comments what you think of our picks, or let us know if there is something you're waiting for!

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