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What battery should I use in my EVO?

Ah, the age old question: what battery should you use in your EVO. It's not exactly clear cut, and we've been getting a lot of questions about it, so we've got in contact with the chaps over at ASG Denmark and got the information directly from the guys who made it. If you've ever been confused if you should use a 7.4v, 9.9v, or a 11.1v battery in your EVO then this blog post is for you!

Why can't I use an 11.1v LiPo in my EVO, it's rated for them!

You'll find a lot of information on the internet, in both Facebook groups and on websites saying you can use 11.1v out the box, though this is technically correct, its not correct for the UK version of the evo.

When you buy an EVO in the UK they have a lower powered spring in them to bring them under the UK limit of 350fps.

Because there is less resistance from the spring the gun fires faster, so using an 11.1v LiPo can cause timing issues in the gearbox. ASG recommends that if you have a gun which is under 1J (the UK variant) then you should use a maximum of 9.9v LiFe[1].

If you can't get your hands on a 9.9v LiFe, a 7.4v LiPo will do just fine.

So I can never use an 11.1v LiPo in my EVO?

All is not lost, if you upgrade your EVO to higher than 1j it is possible to use an 11.1v LiPo without issues. Even though the EU variants of the EVO come fitted with the higher power springs and spring guides everything else internally is the same.

If you replace the Standard Spring and Spring Guide with ASG official parts then the replica will work just fine on 11.1v over 1j.

Typically though in the UK, if your rifle is over the 1j limit it will probably be a DMR, something most EVO users will not do.

So what battery should I use exactly?

As as rule of thumb, if your EVO is a stock UK variant then use a 7.4v LiPo or 9.9v LiFe. If your gun is upgraded over over 1j or is a DMR, then use an 11.1v LiPo.

Basically: If your gun is new out of the box use a 7.4v LiPo

If you got it from us USE A 7.4v LIPO!

How do I swap my spring and spring guide?

To replace the spring you simply remove the spring guide when the stock is removed, then change the spring. For more detailed please see the ASG Guide:


What will the ASG EVO warranty cover?

We got in contact with ASG and they've let us know that as long as the replica is within specification it can be repaired at any ASG Certified Tech Center.

If your replica conforms to the following rules it can be repaired under warranty.

  • If the Evo is a UK Spec < 1j version, then only 9.9v LiFe or 7.4v LiPo should be used
  • If the Evo is an EU Spec > 1j version, then only 11.1v should be used
  • If the Evo is a UK Spec Evo, but is upgraded > 1j using ASG Certified parts

Hopefully that answers your questions. Remember, if you ever need any help do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on: 01484 644709, or email: sales@patrolbase.co.uk, we're more than happy to answer any of your questions.

[1] CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1, M95 - https://actionsportgames.com/en-gb/productcatalog/cz-scorpion-evo-3-a1--m95

Late Night Thursday: Tokyo Marui Night

Thursday the 5th of March! Get it booked off work, make some free time and get to our store! You could be in with the chance of winning a brand new £424.99 Tokyo Marui - M4A1 SOCOM Carbine Next Gen Recoil Rifle.

All you have to do is turn up between 9:30am and 8:30pm to enter our shooting competition. We will be providing the gun, gear and ammo, you bring the skill! All you have to do is shoot two targets on our range. You must hit the first target to have a chance of hitting the second target! You have one BB per target... If you miss the first target, that's it, you're out of the competition!

For everyone who has successfully hit both targets in order, and with only one shot per target, you will be entered into a raffle which we will draw at 8:30pm in the evening!

For those who wish to enter, you must be 14+. If you end up winning the RIF but you're under 18, then you must choose a responsible adult to claim the prize.

We hope to see you on the day! Tell your friends and stay tuned for more updates on the evening in upcoming social media posts on our Facebook and Instagram account.

Valentine Winners

We recently held a competition for Valentines weekend where we asked you to submit a photo of you and your loved one in Airsoft gear. The entries were great on both Instagram and Facebook. For those who entered you had the chance to win up-to £60 in Patrol Base Vouchers! So, if you didn't see our results plastered on our social media accounts, here are the winners.

3rd Place - Attila Fuchs:

2nd Place - Ste Cooper:

1st Place - t.g.thornton:

That isn't the end though! We have more give-aways both online and in-store coming up soon. Be sure to follow our social accounts for the latest news and updates regarding our competitions.

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