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2019 Airsoft Christmas Gift Ideas

BB's are falling, all around us, Airsofters playing, having fun! It's that time of year again, and whilst everyone is happy putting up their Christmas trees, getting the mulled wine ready, and generally preparing, there's always that group of people who are sat there worrying they're buying the wrong thing. If this is you, no worries, we've put this blog post together to hopefully put your mind at ease. We're going to list some great products we expect any Airsoft Player will enjoy!

Luckily, Airsoft kit is pretty universal, so if you're looking for gifts for your Airsoft playing Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Significant Other, Pet Cat, or anything in between you should be safe in the knowledge that any Airsoft kit is good Airsoft kit!

Gifts every Airsoft Player needs

If you're looking for a more generalised gift, or you don't know exactly what kit your beloved uses, then it can be a bit of a nightmare. Below we're going to list things that every Airsoft Skirmisher needs, so no need to worry if something will be compatible with a specific gun, chances are they're going to use it!

BB for Airsoft Guns

Every Airsoft skirmisher, new or old, with an Electric Gun or a Gas Gun will need BBs. BB's are the ammunition people fire out of their Airsoft guns, so as you can imagine, the more the better!

There are quite a few weights, so it can seem a bit confusing, so as a recommendation we would suggest going for 0.25g BBs as these are the most commonly used.

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Glasses & Goggles

You only have one pair of eyes, and so do your loved ones. Airsoft skirmishers always, and I mean ALWAYS need to wear eye protection. Protecting their eyes has even higher priority than the gun they use, you're allowed to go on site without a gun, but definitely not without eye protection.

There are two main types of Airsoft Eye protection: Polycarbonate (Transparent plastic) and Mesh, basically the stuff they're made out of. You can't really go wrong with either, but some people do have preference. If you're loved one gets hot and sweaty easily then go for Mesh, otherwise, Polycarbonate is the best bet.

If you want a pro-tip, grab some Bolle Glasses!

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Bulk Buys

If you're after bigger bundles, or to kit them up for a few games why not check out the bulk discounts section! We offer great discounts on multi-buys, so you can really make your money go far.

If you can sneak a peak at their kit check for tins of gas and BBs, then check out the bulk buys section and grab yourself a bargain.

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Still not sure?

Don't fancy getting any of the above? Why not check out some of the pages we have put together with some of our top recommendations!

Still don't know what to buy?

Airsoft Gift Vouchers

Still don't know what to get? No worries: let them decide! You can get your loved one a £20 gift voucher from us to allow them to pick what they want themselves.

They can use them online or in-store so they can grab exactly what they want.

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So there you have it! We hope this has helped some of you out! If you need more help no worries, you can always get in touch with us via the Contact page for more info!

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