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532 Days Later – Boots Review 2

It has been (near enough) 532 days since I bought the Jack Pyke Hunter Boots found here: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/boots-and-shoes/jack-pyke-hunters-boots.htm#.UotfX8SpV8E

Here is how  the looked on the day of purchase:


And here is how they look today... WELL USED!


As you can see, quite the colour change and the upper leather has softened up.

Since owning these boots they have had multiple weeks of running through woods, old mills with lots of BBs and rubble to slip on. Whilst wearing these I have only ever fell once and that was in an abandoned mill on mouldy water flooded walkways.  There is no splitting anywhere, no water leak! and still they do not smell, this surprises me greatly.

I am now however out of my 12 month warranty on these boots. They are still comfortable and if you do not wear them for some time they are comfortable within 5 minutes of walking, back to feeling like new inside.


The VIBRAM soles have held up excellently, some minor loss of material on the heals but the main walking tread is nearly like new surprisingly after taking such a beating.


The sides of one boot has just started to crack but they are still very well sealed, no water leaks, no heat loss. The boots have also never been maintained with any sprays or washing additives, just some soapy water after really mucky days of Airsoft or after some extreme snow ball fights.


If I was to buy a new pair of boots I am torn between these and a pair of LOWA. The factor that keeps me wanting to stay with this particular pair is the price. The next best pair of boots I am happy with on my feet are £100 more expensive! As an Airsofter and occasionally walker in the outdoors LOWA are not really for me at the moment, maybe in the future.

So in summary:

# Were they worth the £110 I paid at the time? YES
# Would I buy this pair again? YES - The next best pair I have had on my feet are always £50 to £100 better, you put these Hunter boots on and they are like slippers straight away
# What negatives have you found whilst using? The lower bent hooks do need bending back into original place every now and then, a bit big for driving / motorbike riding in
# Do they smell? Surprisingly not - This surely makes them a must buy item? 😉

I have only had 2 complaints about these boots from other customers, usually because they are walking in cow poo and wee which eats through most boots, the other is where the leather pulled away from the lower half, may have been an odd pair but if you do have faults within 12 months of use they are replaced with no fuss, no extra charge or sent away for repair.

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