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Now in stock available in store and online!

Bastard BBs now in stock!

Bastard BBs now in stock!

BB Bastard Airsoft ammo is now in stock! Buy a bag of 2000 double polished, high performance and competition grade Airsoft ammo. Notice the difference in your Airsoft rifles performance instantly. Proven to deliver more range, consistent velocity and accuracy from your Airsoft rifle.

You will save shots due to such an increase in performance resulting in 2000 BBs being all you need for a day of Airsoft action. Bags are sold in packs of 2000 so you can fold the bag in half and fit it easily into an M4 magazine pouch!

Designed to by dropped / placed on the floor and stand upright every time allowing for no spilling and easier to fill your Airsoft magazines with. BB Bastard also used by the FBI and Army weapons testing centers.

  • 6mm
  • 2000 BBs per bag
  • Double polished
  • High performance compound and quality
  • Competition grade
  • Consistent material distribution
  • Also available in 0.28g form
  • Used by FBI, US Army Weapons Testing Center and Canadian Ministry of Defense
  • Every bag bought can be entered into BB Bastards competition found¬†"here".


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