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Airsoft guns repair to despare!

Hi guy's this is hopefully one of many new posts from me; I will be showing you all, some of the trials and tribulations of my work as an airsoft engineer at Patrol Base.

Can you fix this! Yes we can!

So if you have had a go yourself and then forgot how to put it back together we can help you get the airsoft gun back up and running in our airsoft repair centre.


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8 thoughts on “Airsoft guns repair to despare!”

  1. andrew forbes

    Hi – can you help me, I have a GE-0401 M9 electric pistol. The safety pin is not working and it won’t fire. Please advise how I can get it repaired and where to send it and how much it will cost. Many Thanks


  2. Ben

    I have recenty bought a Both Elephant M9 replica g36 from a friend for cheap since it is water damage and does not work at all, would it be possible to get it repaired to a normal condition? If so how much would I be looking at? Many thanks, Ben


  3. Joe Clifford

    The gun does not fire sometimes and that some of the pellets just fall out the front of the gun when i press the trigger, also missing a bolt for the top… Just need fixing so that when i do go airsofting i will have no problems!



  4. Izaak Singleton

    Hi I recently got an M4 rifle (Im not sure of the make) and its in need of a few fixes by an engineer with more expertise than myself

    A couple of the problems I would like fixing

    The rifle was supplied with a crane stock battery but the crane stock does not have any cuts through the tubing to allow the wires to go through

    The foregrip needs fixing, basically the ring that secures it onto the main body of the gun doesnt actually fit round the forgrip properly…

    and lastly the out barrel needs replacing along with a new flash hider to allow me to mount a suppressor

    Could you provide a rough quotation on these modifications?


  5. Sean Corcoran

    Can you make the gun more power fps. The gun needed to be 330fps and is 220 fps and semi automatic does not work. I play at Trojan airsoft site which is in stockport manchester. Can you fix the semi automatic and more power fps on. Needed to 330 fps. The gun is g36c


  6. Dawson Hunter

    If anyone could help me I seem to be having a problem with my bb gun. I pull the bolt back and it doesn’t lock out it instantly retracts back into the gun. Please help me.


  7. Scott

    Hi, I’ve got a mac 11 gas blowback airsoft gun that is miss firing would it be possible to have a look at for me?
    Many thanks Scott


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