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HERA ARMS – CQR M4 – A thing of pure beauty…

ASG has done it again, they've brought out another Airsoft replica and hit the nail on the head. Their latest weapon is the ASG HERA ARMS CQR AR15 Mil-spec SSS Edition, available in both Black and Dual Tone Tan.

You might have spotted it if you follow the real steel market, or seen it in modern games with modern day and futuristic weapons, and if you know what it is, you know you have to have one. ASG have really pulled out all the stops with this one, and have partnered with ICS and HERA Arms to put together not only a unique Airsoft replica but a rifle that's ultra-realistic, with some of the highest quality on the market today.

What are you waiting for? They're on pre-order right now!

This Airsoft replica truly stands out from the crowd and is built from high-quality alloys and materials, with an alloy handguard, outer barrel, receiver and internals, and comes with a Polymer Stock, Magazine, Foregrip, and Flip-up iron sights. The rifle features a high-quality finish, as customers have come to expect nothing less of an ASG rifle, and is finished with all the official licences and trades.

The Handguard, Stock, and Front grip are all built from the original OEM CAD designs provided by HERA ARMS for added realism and have been modified by ICS to fit and work with an Airsoft AEG. The handguard has been slightly modified to fit an Airsoft Receiver, the front grip is essentially exactly the same as it connects to 20mm RIS / RAS Rails, and the stock has been modified to fit an Airsoft Buffer tube, and have space for an AEG motor.

If you're still on the fence at this point then why not take a look at the excellent internals as well? The weapon features ICS's split gearbox design, making the weapon a treat to work on, but also features their SSS Gearbox MOSFET system which allows for a range of advanced settings for the rifle. The SSS system allows for pre-cocking for a faster first shot, burst and full auto modes, for battery protection, and for ICS's own SSS Self diagnostic system which protects the gun should it begin to fail, as well as allow the tech to quickly diagnose any problems.

If you want to check out the rifle now you can check it out at the links below:



Are you looking forward to getting your hands on one, or is it not for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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