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Airsoft Systems ASHC / M4 – First Impressions


This blog will be looking at the new Airsoft Systems ASHC / M4 hop unit. We will be covering our first impressions of:

  • Its looks
  • Assembly
  • Ease and comparison on installing several hop rubbers / bucking
  • Function

Below you will find plenty of pictures and be sure to come back in the next day or so for part two where we will give you performance results.

The product - Airsoft Systems ASHC / M4:

We were one of if not the first to get these into the country along with the ASCU Gen .3 and ASHU empty hop unit. The ASHC is what we will be focusing on today showing you the unit in detail and the installation of several hop rubbers including:

  • Tokyo Marui AEG Hop Rubber
  • MADBULL Blue Hop Rubber
  • MADBULL Red Hop Rubber

The unit is designed to replace your old standard hop in an AEG M4/15/16 variant.  It is 100% plastic but made to resist vibration using "techno polymer", so nothing will become weak over time. The adjustment dial is a sliding design similar to an AK but in reverse. Sliding away from you puts hop on. Something I personally prefer over spinning wheels as they are hard to adjust at times, especially when wearing gloves and become loose easily over time.

Each adjustment also has a reassuring click to lock the arm in place but can still be turned off with a light amount of force (from you, not from mechanical vibration). You can set your hop and not worry about any form of blow back or kick unsettling the hop.

Building the unit and hop rubber comparison:

The build is extremely easy, everything just fits together with no tight spots, no need for any grease or force. This is even true with thick hop rubbers such as MADBULL RED and BLUE but also for more "professional" hop rubbers such as the FIREFLY AEG range and PROMETHEUS.

We also tried the old faithful Tokyo Marui but there was a lot of barrel twist when assembled. We would recommend you stick with thicker and more expensive hop rubbers (This is not a marketing scheme, it is 100% worth the extra spend). The results are less movement, better air seal and peace of mind that something will not go out of line under use.

The one downside to using MADBULL rubbers and other "professional" rubbers are that the nubs provided are too wide, a 2 second trim using a craft knife resolved this issue though. You can see why in the photo below:

The same had to be repeated for the MADBULL red hop rubbers, we do not recommend you use H nubs (they just don't fit). The main downside though to using the provided MABULL nubs are they produce allot of hop, hop is even on when you turn the hop lever is slid all the way off. This is not a problem for people who are using heavier BBs such as 0.25s as a minimum, preferably 0.28s providing you are at 330+ FPS.

After installing all three rubbers and configs we can defiantly say a MADBULL Blue for 250 to 340fps is recommended, anything higher then opt for a MADBULL Red and trim the nubs to drop straight in with little side to side movement. Dead easy to setup in under 1 minute!

The results of rubbers and hop applied are shown below whilst using a MADBULL 6.03 inner barrel. The images are in order of : Tokyo Marui (left), MADBULL Blue (middle) and MADBULL Red (right).


From initial setup the hop unit looks to be promising. When you apply pressure it stays in place no matter how hard you flick the unit (excluding the lever) but the real test will be tomorrow when we fit it into a gun. We will be aiming at coins to test accuracy at significant distance and measure any hop movement (on the arm) after firing a few hundred rounds.

From initial installation I will personally recommend a MADBULL Blue for normal AEGS but for DMR roles, go  for a RED hop rubber or consider Firefly rubbers. Firefly however are incredibly hard to get but perform excellently and we do get them in occasionally.

This unit is designed to lift 0.25g BBs and heavier all day long.

Be sure to come back for more photos and testing in the next few days 🙂

- Karl

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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2 thoughts on “Airsoft Systems ASHC / M4 – First Impressions”

  1. Vladimir Peev

    Thanks for the great review, It feels great reading that the players like the result of the hard work we went through.
    A note: when thicker backings are used, the beading for the bucking on the adjustment arm can be made deeper using a small round file. We were looking for a solution to deal with the fact that different hop up manufacturers use backings with different thickens.
    Once again, thank you for your time making this great review.


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