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Angle Of Engagement

What is AOE? How do you fix it? What are the benefits? That is what we hope to answer today.

AOE stands for "angle of engagement", the "area" in which the first tooth on your sector gear meshes with the first tooth on your piston.

Often when you first open your Airsoft gearbox no matter what version it is, the contact between both teeth are poor. You often have the sector gear just pull the piston by using its tip as shown below:


So why "fix" this area of contact and how?

First of all the reasons why:

  1. Less piston wear (lasts longer in your AEG)
  2. Less likely to break your sector gear teeth
  3. Less internal strain on all your gears and rest of box due to a smoother cycle
  4. Quicker and more silent internal function

With two small areas of contact, something is eventually going to wear, chip and break off sooner rather than later. So having a full side of a tooth mesh against another full side will distribute pressure more evenly resulting in a more reliable shot on each trigger pull.

If you are building a high speed build it is a must to have a correct AOE.

So.. how do you achieve good AOE? Simply push your piston back. This is achieved by either replacing the rubber in your cylinder head with something thicker or having a different cylinder head and piston head combination, basically a thicker piston head.

Usually you would fit a SORBO pad into the cylinder head to push your piston back until you have what is resembled above. Remember when you put your spring into your AEG you will have the piston push forward into the SORBO.

The AOE fixed in the photos above was done so using (click the text below to link to product):

ASG Ultimate: Piston Head (Polycarbonate)
ASG Ultimate: Cylinder Head


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