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Many of you have taken up the chance to grab one of the first few ARES AMOEBA STRIKER S1 sniper rifles. We are due more in stock soon but get the last few that remain by "clicking here". 

Todays blog is aimed at showing you exactly how to remove the bolt. Why would you do this? For servicing and upgrading. Let's get this out of the way quickly though, if you decide to install a bigger spring you will void your warranty!

First step, locate the retaining pin, you can take your bolt out without dismantling any part of your gun. See the picture below showing the pin.

retaining pin

Ensure you gun is not cocked, and push this pin out with a small screwdriver. It is easy to push out, but will not fall out under its own weight.

push pin out

Next up, just pull your bolt back. If it catches just pull the bolt out whilst pulling your trigger as if you were firing the rifle.

With the bolt out and the firing indicator, you will have this.

bolt out

Now look at the cylinder head, you will see two dimples, using some pliers you can push and twist this off.

bolt head

The result, you now have your internals spring out into your hand. Ensure these are not covered in grit and re-lube before every Airsoft game for the best results and add a tiny bit of grease on the outside of the cylinder.

cylinder internals

Recommended products for lubricating your sniper rifle is shown below:
# ABBEY Silicone Spray "Click Here"
# ABBEY Silicone Grease 20ml "Click Here"

Now, to re-assemble this is slightly more difficult, you can see below a trigger sear.


Push this down with a screwdriver as shown below and then slide back in your cylinder. It will require a wiggle and some patience! But it will go in.

sear down

Now with your cylinder back in, just push the retaining pin back in and you are done.

We hope you found this blog useful, yes the spring inside is an AEG spring. We have tried an M140 and got over 430fps but as previously mentioned, you do this at your own risk as it will void your warranty.

We can confirm that ARES are planning on releasing upgraded cylinders in the near future along with other unique parts.

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