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ASG – Scorpion Evo 3 A1 – First Skirmish Impressions

This Friday I got the opportunity to take the sample version of the new Scorpion Evo from ASG up to our Huddersfield CQB Airsoft Site Halo Mill, and after a quick spring downgrade I was ready to go.

The ASG - Scorpion Evo 3 A1 is ASG's new self-made Airsoft AEG weapon, built in Denmark and is officially endorsed and designed in conjunction with CZ, the company who build the real steel equivalent. The weapon has been designed from the ground up to both look as close to the real steel weapon as much as possible, but at the same time be built to have everything you'd want from an Airsoft Weapon. The gun comes with an on board ECU (Electronic Control Unit, an on-board computer), three round burst mode, quick change spring system (Allowing you to quickly increase / decrease the FPS) and supports 11v LiPo out of the box.

The parts I used when playing were:

* ASG - Scorpion Evo Magazine x2
* ASG - Scorpion Evo Magazine Clip
* ASG - Airsoft Low-Profile Fiber Optic Flip-Up Iron Sights Set
* VP Racing  - 11.1v 1300mAh 25C LiPo Crane Stock Battery
* BB Bastard - 0.25g BB Bastard 6mm
* ASG - Ultimate M90 Spring (Chrono from 447Fps - 450Fps, down to 334 - 337Fps)

ASG - Scorpion Evo A3 1 - Black Used In Game At Halo Mill, Huddersfield




Trigger Responce

The first game went really well, what really stood out to me about this Airsoft gun was its extremely fast trigger response, I started off firing in front of people being used to my Custom M4, but then once I got used to it shooting people was not a problem.  This really shows off the power of the weapon's internal computer, giving fast and almost instant response to the trigger pull really set it aside from other AEGs, allowing me to easily shoot people running past doors and windows.  It really felt as if the gun was firing as fast as I could react.


The gun was incredibly accurate indoors and very consistent, I had absolutely no issues shooting people through cracks in doors, or even selecting the body part I wanted to shoot at, I took out a lot of knees when people didn't take cover properly! I'd love to take the gun outdoors and see if it is comparable, the longest shot you can take at Halo is down the sniper range, at about 37M which it handled with no problems.


The weapon is very manoeuvrable and light weight due to the materials its made from. The body itself is constructed from Mil-spec Polymer, the same materials they use on the real steel Scorpion which not only gives it a great feel, but keeps the weight down as well. The gun also has a folding stock which allowed me to turn corners quicker, by reducing the length of the weapon it allowed me to take corners more sharply and reduce my profile to my enemies. Going from a heavy weight long rifle to a small submachine gun was a pleasant change, allowing me to pull off all of the Magpul sliding and leaning I could do, much to the dismay of my friends. God bless Chris Costa.

ASG - Scorpion Evo A3 1 - Black Used In Game At Halo Mill, Huddersfield


Solid Feel

Overall the gun is a solid piece of kit, and feels great to hold. With some guns you can get a bit of wobble, but there is absolutely no wobble, allowing you to shoulder the weapon strongly without feeling like it is going to break. Sometimes you get an Airsoft gun where the folding stock seems very loose but this isn't the case with the Evo, the hinge itself is built from very thick polymer with a sizeable pin that holds it all together. The stock also has a catch which holds it in place and stops it from coming loose whilst you're running around. The sliding stock also has three positions and feels very tough as well, not slipping when it is shouldered.

Sounds Great

The Evo's gearbox sounds great, and really stands out from other weapons. It has almost a PTW sound to it, making you stand out from the crowd. This is both a gift and a curse however, because when people hear it, they know exactly where you are, and if you've been hitting people with it all night, they're going to come straight for you! The weapon itself has been re-shimmed since we got it in store, however since this is a product preview version it should fixed for the final release. You can watch the video on our YouTube Channel:  ASG - CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 - Fully Stripped / Disassembly [CC]

Battery Lasted All Night

One great thing about the Evo is that its really power efficient, I managed to get a whole nights shooting out of the one battery. The battery I used was the VP Racing  - 11.1v 1300mAh 25C LiPo Crane Stock Battery, which gave it a crisp trigger response and quick rate of fire, unfortunately it is important to note that I was using it at a site which only allows semi-auto only, it would be interesting to try it out at an outdoor site and see how excessive use of full auto stands up against it. It is important to remember to remove the battery at the end of the night because the battery trickle drains due to the on board ECU possibly killing LiPo battery, however, if you take care of your batteries this will never be a problem!

ASG - Scorpion Evo A3 1 - Black Used In Game At Halo Mill, Huddersfield


As with all things there are always going to be downsides, though with this weapon the list isn't as long as some others!

Accidentally Switching Fire Modes

Those who have seen the Evo in action will know that in order to fire the weapon you have to engage the working parts, adding an extra level of realism and the weapon stops firing when the magazine is empty and to switch the Fire Selector you to pull it down with your thumb. This is a great feature, however, when I was playing with my bulky gloves and due to my large hands I sometimes accidentally knocked the weapon on to safe mode, causing confusion in trying to switch magazines and trying to figure out why the weapon wasn't firing, costing me vital seconds in fire fights. This is mostly down to me not being used to the weapon system, but could be annoying to some people. You just have to be aware of it and ensure you check the safety changing magazines.

ASG - Scorpion Evo A3 1 - Black Fire Selector


Sometimes The Magazines Release The BB's

When loading the Magazines sometimes the BB's would seemingly be all released from the magazine, this is caused because of the two springs which push the lips of the feed aren't quite strong enough to hold all of the BB's in. This could be happening for a number of reasons, such as accidentally catching them, the springs not being strong enough or overloading of the magazine. This was easily remedied by holding the lips whilst I was loading the magazine. This is only a small problem, and will probably re remedied in the full release version.

Other Notable Points

There are a few additional points to make which I couldn't test on the night due to site limitations. The weapon comes with multiple fire-modes: Safe/Semi/3 Round Burst /Full Auto, which is great. Unfortunately due to the site being Semi-Only I never got a chance to test these out in-game, however, when I tested the weapon shooting down the target range the three round burst function really came into its own. The release of the three rounds was fast, but with little deviation in the trajectory and would certainly make a huge difference in an outdoor skirmish there full-auto is allowed. The full auto was crisp and rapid, allowing me to empty the 75 round magazines very quickly. The high rate of fire is down to the use of the 11.1V battery, which can be used with no worries, as the weapon was built from the ground up to support them.

Overall View

The overall view of the weapon is great, it being everything you'd ever want in a gun and more, it is a perfect gun for anyone, from new players to regular skirmishers. It is safe to say that this gun has been built by Airsoft players, for Airsoft players, with all the features that you'll ever need. With the weapon coming with great internal parts right out of the box you are saving tonnes of money rather than buying more and more parts to upgrade it. For example: Instead of buying an ECU to put in a gun which costs around £90-£100 the gun comes with one, and for the use of 11.1v you don't need a Mosfet saving you £10-£20. If you don't want a specific weapon, but want one that will outperform almost every other player's out of the box, this is for you.

- Jonny

ASG - Scorpion Evo A3 1 - Black Used In Game At Halo Mill, Huddersfield

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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18 thoughts on “ASG – Scorpion Evo 3 A1 – First Skirmish Impressions”

  1. Michael Smith

    This does look like an amazing gun. Could we have another review now that its a year since release to see if its still as good as you initially thought it was?


  2. Michael Smith

    Out of curiosity. On the video here you take it apart, its mentioned that the gun squeaks and the gears needing a little modifying. Is this still an issue I’m the full production models?


    1. Karl Post author

      We made a little news post somewhere, but basically this video is of the pre-release version. The final version which is on the market now has all the “issues” fixed that we found with them. So they are NOT squeaky 🙂


  3. Sham

    Awesome review! Perfect for short guys like me, you’re review pushed me the purchase this AEG. Slight problem tho, fire selector wobbles quite a bit and i predominately play in CQB fields. really dont want it switching fire modes on me, any fix you would recommend? Searched the interweb and come up blank.


    1. Karl Post author

      Hi Sham,

      We haven’t experienced a wobbly lever before but surely there is a grub screw that could be tightened and secure it better?


      1. Sham

        Any chance of a tutorial? have come across several players with this problem. Any info would be greatly appreciated 😀



          1. Sham

            I went of you’re disassemble video and used that as a reference but it seems i cant actually tighten the fire selector lever. It slightly wobbles but its the actual selector itself, not the selector plate.

            Thanks for the reply, will drop in to have it serviced and upgraded.

  4. Son

    Hi~ nice review.
    I have same one.

    However, Have you ever experienced or heard about ‘spring guide issue’ ?

    Because, My evo`s spring guide was broken 3 times already.

    I didn`t use too strong spring, it just cracked too often…

    So, I pruchased option part ‘the steel spring guide’ to prevent cracking.

    It works fine so far. But, I am worrying when it would be cracked again suddeny.

    I am using m90 power spring (310~320 FPS) with 11.1 20c battery.

    AM I using too spring for M90 spring ? As I know It is amde for 11.1v.


    1. Karl Post author

      You shouldn’t have an issue with your new one as it is far stronger. There were no reported issues with the old plastic spring guides but it makes sense to upgrade for longevity reasons.


  5. Chris Higgins

    Hi just got my scorpion Evo and was told that 11.1 battery would damage gun . What is your views on this
    Thanks Chris


    1. Karl Post author

      The gun will work but cause more strain on parts and wear them out sooner. You run an 11v LiPo at your own risk.


    1. Karl Post author

      We do recommend the 11v LiPo in our product description so with ourselves at least, if you do encounter any issues we will still look at the RIF and amend issues. We are trusted by ASG to repair their AEG’s as long as they are purchased from our store or online.


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