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Staff Feature Friday – Sam MkII

Today we're introducing Sam MkII, a once customer now turned customer services rep. An ex-paintballer turned Airosfter and played his first-ever Airsoft game 4 years ago at our CQB site, HALO MILL Arena.

What brought Sam to the dark side of Airsoft from Paintball? Costs and Sam's own personal opinion of Airsoft looking cooler (we can't disagree there!) Sam originally started off playing at HALO MILL running pistol rentals and then fastly purchasing his first gun, the Armourer Works - Custom HX11 Hi-Capa. Drawn to the pistol due to its Iron Man looking vibe and sheer performance of the split slide trigger action.

Quickly chasing more action and a bigger battlefield, Sam experienced the outdoors and eventually came across our sister site HALO MILL - Proving Grounds. Having sniper for just over 2 years and owning a G&G Armament - Wild Hog as a more reliable backup, Sam has more recently transitioned into rocking his fully upgraded primary, the SPECNA ARMS - SA-H09.

Sam was chasing more reliability and a weapon that delivered incredible range, accuracy and trigger response. Using the SA-H09 as a base for looks, the internals have been fully gutted and kitted out with a GATE Titan setup, motor, gears, bearings, piston and piston head have all been changed to allow Sam to now rock a single shot DMR build all day long. Also a quick note, Sam rocks NUPROL m4 magazines that are feeding flawlessly for him and resulting in not breaking the bank with buying spares.

As with quite a few of our staff now, optics are crucial and investing in the right one is made easy thanks to our VORTEX range and finance deals too. Sam loves his VORTEX - Strikefire 2, if it ever gets shot out or accidentally damaged beyond use he gets a free replacement. No receipt or original box required to claim!

With Sam rocking a DMR and having a single shot lock, high FPS build he runs a pistol all the time as a backup. Sam say this is his pride and joy out of all of his collection, the Socom Gear - Special Edition Punisher 1911. Completely standard and combined with his NUPROL - Drop Leg holster platform he runs this pistol in any environment.

Now onto the gear. From the head down Sam rocks a budget setup that works perfectly for him! You don't need to spend a fortune, what you save on gear though usually ends up in the guns (100% the case for Sam).

From head to toe Sam wears:

For more photos of Sam and previous staff feature Friday pics, check out our Instagram account for the pinned album.

EVOLVE your Airsoft gun today!

There's a new MOSFET in town! A complete drop-in placement for your Airsoft version 2 gearbox which now includes the possibility of ramping! More on that later...

What is this new bit of kit exactly? We're proud to be stocking a complete trigger board replacement with built-in sector gear cam detection and microswitch trigger switch which provides up to 12x adjustable features.

Within a couple of minutes after splitting your Version 2 gearbox in half, say goodbye to your cut off lever, anti reversal latch and secure your new trigger board with one screw. You've now eliminated cut off lever wear (where your gun would fire full auto even on semi), no more backspin of your gears thanks for programmable active breaking and you have fresh 16 gauge stiff fitting wiring throughout your build.

Below is a basic installation video, the video covers more than just the ETS III unit installation but the guidance is the same.

Something else new for a MOSFET / Trigger Board replacement that we have never seen before, every unit gets shipped from the manufacturer in its own mini foam-filled polymer hard case! Your electronics are protected from day one and make for a very nice storage box for keepsake after you have fitted your unit.

Let's get onto some of those features that make this MOSFET truly worth the price tag!

Programable eatures:

  • Semi-auto programming features:
    • Burst controlĀ from 1 to 10 shots per trigger pull
    • Adjustable trigger response up-to 10x levels of sensitivity
    • Ramping - Switch from semi to progressive auto-firing after a programmed hold time
    • Active breaking milliseconds controlĀ from 10 to 50 milliseconds for fine pre-cocking tuning
    • Full cycle resets your piston to the front of every trigger pull for more realistic firing and prevents spring tension wear
    • Reset - Resets all modified settings back to factory default
  • Full auto programming features:
    • Burst control when flicked to full-auto from 1 to 10x shots per trigger pull
    • PWM ROF control - Literally controls your rate of fire up to 4-speed changes
    • Ramping auto - If you previously have a burst control limit on your full auto switch, press and hold on full auto will override after the burst is performed and go straight into constant full-auto firing
    • Battery protection up to 5x levels of sensitivity. You will receive a buzz after shooting warning you that you're running low on juice before cutting the power completely
    • Full cycle saves spring wear and completes a full operation and piston reset no matter how long you hold full auto for
    • Reset - Resets all modified settings back to factory default

Below is a very detailed video on how to program the new MOSFET. Within the included product hard case is a simplified paper guide too:

What else is so good about this system? Well, there are no optical sensors that could get covered up in your gear grease, your switches are micro but mechanical and are adjustable in sensitivity as shown above. The unit can also handle up to 30v, but we do recommend a maximum of 14v. As well as handling the crazy high voltage, high-speed gears and high torque setups you can easily modify the wiring or re-solder to go from rear to front wired in a couple of minutes (this would void your warranty).

To find out more about the product features and additional product photos, you can check it all out here on our official product page.

Staff Feature Friday – Joe

Today we're bringing you another of our customer service reps, Joe! He's been here for just over a year and a half but prior to that, he's had 2 years Airsoft experience.

A previous addict of zombie survival experience work, Joe took the plunge and started to experience Airsoft in the great outdoors. Originally kitted out with a NUPROL - Delta Freedom Fighter, since working at Patrol Base almost a week later after starting, Joe took the plunge and purchased an ASG - CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1. Why the EVO? Joe convinced himself it would be the last rifle that he'd ever have to buy... little did Joe realise the addiction of Airsoft. He's since continued to purchase additional pistols, shotguns, a sniper rifle and is now looking at KRYTAC... it's a never-ending vicious but enjoyable cycle.

Being a fan of the woodland Airsoft scene more than CQB, Joe still remains a lightweight running and gunner but a lefty! A benefit but can also be a little hindrance to some scenarios. A lot of people are not used to flanking around an object left-handed and are often taken out first. Joe can get that edge on the enemy and assist other team members on left flank tactics.

Joe's gear is highly practical, affordable and a mix of gear from ourselves and everyday clothing including his highly fashionable H&M cargo grey trousers. Starting from the head down Joe wears:

With Joe's EVO being roughly 12 months old now, he's not had any drama but has pursued a bit of an upgrade by changing the following:

  • Upgraded and short stroked gear set
  • Uprated piston (also short stroked)

Literally, everything else is standard other than the accessories which include:

As for his currently secondary (the go-to option), Joe is rocking an Armourer Works - Hi-Capa fitted with a Nextech - Pistol torch and is at home in a NUPROL - Hi-Capa Retention Holster.

Like most of Joe's Airsoft weapons, he really doesn't go to town chasing numbers like some of our staff members. If you want to check out more of Joe's feature you need to head on over to our Instagram account.

There you will find previous staff feature Friday posts too. You can find our official Instagram account by clicking here.

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