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Blackwater – King Arms Airsoft AEGs

Recently we stocked three new AEGs, the Blackwater King Arms range consisting of the "BW15 Sniper", "BW15 Carbine" and the "BW15 CQB".

All three rifles are full metal with the obvious plastic sliding/adjustable stocks produced by Magpul Industries excluding the Carbine version. All three use a bolt locking system perfect for keeping your hop accessible at all times to easily adjust on the spot. Each gun also includes one high cap P-mag style magazine except the sniper version which uses a Vietnam style M4 magazine. Please note no batteries are included!

The rifles them selves all come out sub 370fps and deliver a pleasing rate of fire. With a minor downgrade or settling of the FPS the ROF will pickup. Each gun has plenty of battery storage space however the sniper variant is lipo only taking a small to medium length lipo stick type battery.

The Blackwater range suits all Airsoft players who are looking for a visually stunning rifle with little room for improvement. The rifles are surprisingly lightweight but fully customisable with the ability to swap over stocks, optics and more. Below you can see something we whipped together using the sniper version as a base to work from.

Overall we are very impressed with the build quality of the rifles and already selling since the first day of release. Check out some of the "customisation" we have made below:

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