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Blue Force – Pro Force & Whisper Pouch Review



In the 12 years I've been playing Airsoft, I've lost count of the amount of plate carriers and chest rigs i’ve owned, as well as the selection of pouches i’ve had to go on them. China clones to real steel set ups, i’ve struggled to find anything that works and is comfy.

Until recently I've been using a Templar battle belt set up with a selection of cordura pouches, which was good, but still not as comfy as i’d have liked. Then the Boue Force Gear came into stock......

To say i’m impressed is an understatement.



So, i’ll start with the chest rig. The Rack Minus chest rig has been stripped of every unnecessary gram of weight creating the world’s lightest Mille compatible rig i’ve ever had my hands on. The rig is set up with 12 Molle compatible columns and 3 rows for placing magazine, radio, or utility pouches of any type, be it standard Cordura or Blue Forces Helium Whisper pouches. The rig is easily adjusted to fit close to the body or over a plate carrier.

Sizing: Length: 21.5" / 527mm Width: 7.5" / 184mm Thickness: 0.6mm in body, 1.25mm webbing, 13mm buckles MOLLE: 12 columns x 3 rows, 1 x 4 on each shoulder strap.



I decided to set up the rig with a selection of pouches i’d most likely use for skirmishing as opposed to Milsim. I’m running a TM recoil M4 at the moment, so a look at mag pouches was first on my list. I opted for 2 of the Ten Speed Double M4 pouch with the Helium Whisper backing. I added to this a Small Zippered utility pouch and a Multi Radio Pouch, both with the Helium Whisper backing. Again, the pouches are the lightest pouches i’ve ever had my hands on.

M4 double. Size: .125" x 6" x 6" x 4 MOLLE field required.

Zippered Utility Pouch. Size: 3" x 5" x 5.5" x 3 MOLLE field required.

Multi Radio Pouch. Size: .5" x 3.25" x 8.5-11" x 4 MOLLE field required.


So, to that bit we all hate. Fitting the pouches to the rig, and i have to say it was surprisingly simple. The Helium Whisper Molle set up is very easy to manipulate, and fotting the 2 Twin M4 and the Zippered utility pouch were ritted in minutes. The pouches use a velcro tab to secure the Molle in place, instead of the traditional Press Stud seen on most Molle pouches, again reducing the overall weight of the rig. A quick adjustment to get it to fit and i was ready to give it a play test the next day.



Sunday came around, and of I went to play, with possibly the smallest bag I've taken skirmishing in years. The rig packs up really compact, and as such reduces the space needed with other bulkier, heavy rigs. My set up for the day was the Blue force rig with the 2 Twin M4 pouches and the zipped utility pouch. I also had a standard Molle pouch for an additional 4x M4 mags should a game warrant a high mag carry requirement. I loaded my mags and round that the bag of BB Bastards i was using fitted nicely into the zippered untility pouch. At first i struggled getting the Mags into the pouches when the rig was laid on the table. I quickly realised that it was much easier when the rig was worn. The pouches use military grade elastic to secure the mag in place, needing no retention strap or flap as used in traditional molle pouches, making the reload far quicker. Again, once loaded the rig still weighed next to nothing, so much so that you hardly knew you were wearing it.


The Blue Force Gear is by far the best Rig and Pouch set up I've ever used. It’s amazingly strong for the thickness of the material used, weighs nothing and distributes your load evenly whether it be worn as a stand alone rig or over a plate carrier. A friend of mine was really excited when I bought this set up, as he always seems to end up with the kit o end up selling when it doesn't work for me. So to my friend, Dan...... Sorry mate, you’ll have to buy from the shop. I’m keeping this one......


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