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Buckle Up! We’ve got you a new load-out!

We're excited to show off the latest gear from 8FIELDS Tactical and we think you aren't going to be able to refuse it!

It's time to ditch the old, ripped up and muddy rig and go modular. The 8FIELDS Tactical - Buckle Up RIG's come in 6 different setups but all of them have removable front panels. This allows you to rip off up to 6x pouches in one go in a couple of seconds, then slap on your new buckle up unit for a quick change of environment or setup for your next game day.

So what are your options? You have six main rig options starting from the Buckle Up Chest Rig to the super low profile RECCE/Sniper Rig. Below is a list of the rig's followed by their main differences (click the images for link to the products):

  • Buckle Up Chest Rig
    • Benefits - Very low profile, includes STANAG magazine pouches and additional utility storage

  • Buckle Up Chest Rig V3
    • Benefits - Very low profile, larger utility storage and pistol magazine pouches

  • Buckle Up Recce/Sniper Chest Rig
    • Benefits - Perfect backup STANAG pouches, pistol and low profile sniper magazine pouches plus storage for speedloaders and spare ammo

  • Buckle Up Assault Plate Carrier Cummerbund
    • Benefits - Large MOLLE front and rear for customisation and layout of a huge range of MOLLE pouches

  • Buckle Up Low Profile Plate Carrier
    • Benefits - Large MOLLE front with a zipped Velcro front pouch for map storage

  • Buckle Up Shooter Plate Carrier
    • Very low profile with MOLLE front and rear for custom pouch layout options

Now to further customise or have a back-up main panel for a different weapon load-out... You can choose from two options from 8FIELDS Tactical.

These include the Multi-Million Front-Panel or the Speed Tripple Rifle Mag Pouch.

Both of which again are available in up to six colour variants. Simple unclip your two buckles, pull off from the Velcro belly and load up your new pouch system. Mix from storing purely M4/STANAG accessories to a pistol and shotgun combo or go fully lightweight with the simple triple rifle mag pouch.

What are you waiting for? Check out the full 8FIELDS Tactical - Buckle Up range here.

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