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CAKE – Viper Weekend

What did you guys get up to at the weekend? If you did not visit our store you missed out on free cake, CALL OF DUTY and most importantly VIPER Tactical being in store showing off some of their latest bits of gear.


But fear not, we have more to come! We have already has ASG this year too pitching up to show off their latest and greatest and will be posting updates on our website and "Facebook" page with news of future visitors so be sure to subscribe.

Check our the photos below of what you missed out on at the weekend when Viper visited.

Most importantly, CAKE! We had lots of cake on offer.


If you were feeling your inner COD there was the chance to play and get the highest recorded score of the day too.


Along with cake and games, we also had VIPER with their van showing off their latest range of TITANIUM Grey gear which can be purchased in store and online "Click Here" to see the range.


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