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Call of Duty: MW Airsoft Livestream

We hope you're as hyped as us for the new release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, if you got your hands on the beta we're sure you loved it just as much as we did. To celebrate the launch we're doing a 2 hour livestream of our guys playing the game with guest star @1legion.uk_dredd whilst talking about their favourite bits of Airsoft kit, because let's be truthful, a lot of us play Airsoft because of this Video Game.


11:00AM 25/10/19

Come in the stream and drop us your Activision ID Tag and we'll invite you to our game, console peasants and pc elitists are all invited as the game is now cross-platform!

Need to stay in the loop?

Get prepared for the event! We're going live on Facebook so give our page a like to make sure you don't miss any of the action.


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What can you do?

Come play with us!

We'll start streaming around 11am, then after that, anything goes! We'll ask for your Activision ID when the stream goes live and we can start getting people involved! We're going to be playing all the game modes, so come on and get playing!

As the new COD is multi-platform we can play with you no matter if you're a PC, XBOX or PS4 player! Just make sure you register for your Activision ID Tag!

Ask us questions!

Got a question about Airsoft? Whether you're getting into it, a regular player, or want to learn about the kit in-game you can get in real life we're more than happy to help!

See the kit from the game IRL!

We're going to be bringing in the Airsoft equivalent of the kit which is used in-game.


Who's playing?

1legion Dredd

Dredd is paying a visit to us at Patrol Base to get in on the action! Dredd is a member of the UK Arm of the 1 legion Airsoft milsim team and he's coming in to show us how he plays games! He's a console player, but Jonny is pretty convinced he can convert him to PC instead!

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Gears of War

PatrolBase Jonny

Jonny works in the Media department and works with the tech behind the scenes. If you've been on TokyWoky you've probably met him before! He'll be playing on his custom built PC!

Current Top Games
Escape From Tarkov
APEX Legends

PatrolBase Milky

Milky also works in the Media department and works on product Descriptions. If you've read a product description on our website chances are he's the one who's written it! He'll also be playing on his custom PC.

Current Top Games
Escape From Tarkov
Star Citizen

PatrolBase Sam

Sam works in the media department and is our in-house Designer! When you see fancy banners or edited images on our Website and Social media you're seeing Sam's work. He'll be playing on his very own PS4.

Current Top Games
Battlefront 2
APEX Legends
Civilisation 5

PatrolBase Stu

Stu works in the media department, and is our resident Photographer. When you're looking at a product on our website you're seeing it through Stu's lens. He'll be playing on his favourite console, the PS4.

Current Top Games
Resident Evil 2
Final Fantasy VII


So what are you waiting for?

Get on and play with us! If your up for the challenge like our Facebook Page for notifications when we go live!

Written by PatrolBase Jonny, who has written a total of 74 posts.

Jonny has worked for Patrol Base for 5+ years, working in the media department and on the main website. Responsible for managing the software which runs the website, bringing new features wherever possible. You can get in contact via Facebook and Instagram.

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