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Play now, pay later! Finance available online and in store!

It’s been a long time coming but it is here!

We have finally integrated online finance on our website through partnering with Omni Captial Retail Finance! Stat spreading the costs of your purchases over 6 or 12 months today.

How do I do it?

It’s quite simple, add your goods to your basket but make sure it is over the value of £287. Upon checking out and filling in your contact and billing details you can then choose your payment method as seen below.

Once you click on “View Installment Options” you will then be given three options, a breakdown of your basket using a 6-month repayment, a 12-month repayment, or to continue to use a regular payment method.

As with any financial service provider, we cannot give any information as to why a financial borrowing may fail, we can only advise you use a credit check company (many on google) to see how you could improve your rating for a future purchase.

Once you select a period of time to pay over, you will then be asked what way you will pay your deposit.

After this, you are on to agreements and filling out the important details that we can’t screenshot and put on here for obvious reasons.

Should you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact our customer services department via phone on: 01484 644 709

For further information on the finance we offer on your any Airsoft goods over £287, simply click here.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts…

Yep, that good old saying. Well this time, it is most certainly true!

For those who haven’t seen the home-page banners, Facebook posts or even our YouTube content. We have the new ASG – CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 2018 Revision in stock. If you are desperate to grab one before everyone else does then click here.

For those who hate to read, here is our latest video showing off a brief comparison, but for those finer details and s*xy photos, keep on scrolling!

What are we doing here?

We are stripping the new EVO 2018 model down to its bare essentials, to find out exactly what you are getting if you decide to upgrade, or you are about to buy your first ever EVO.

Why has ASG updated their original design?

Don’t panic, its not a bad thing. ASG designed and manufacture the Evo from the ground up. Because of this they are committed to making the gun the best it can be. The changes are a result of learning and experience in the field of manufacture.

It’s almost like buying a car, you can get a BMW, but every few years they bring out a new model, a facelift. The EVO has a majorly reworked gearbox once you start looking into the details. Let’s get to it, shall we?

The casing:

Every picture from here on is going to be labeled with 2018 model and the previous model, just so you can’t get them mixed up too easily at a first glance.

The casing has physically been produced with new metal properties, Zinc, this results in the case physically weighing more and has also been used because it is easier to cast and allows for more consistent moldings

The first pic above shows a new wiring routing system that prevents wires from breaking and 10x easier to dismantle to gain access to the internals of your gearbox. The front of the case has also been chamfered to prevent any front end cracking as seen with other none-rounded gearboxes.

The guides on both sides of the gearbox have also been CNC machined properly to withstand more use, wear and allow for a more positive selection of your desired fire mode.

The Righthand side of the gearbox also shows off the ASG logo which can be seen from pulling back the charging handle without having to dismantle your gun.

As seen with the picture above, the left side of the gearbox casing has also had some major updates. The holes that allow the microswitch sensors are now rounded off. Once again, less likely to crack when users decide to upgrade for higher FPS or rate of fire builds. The tracks are also wider on top of the selector to allow the gearbox to sit tighter in the receiver for a more positive and secure fit.

Lastly, as seen above the base of the gearbox that your pistol grip sits flush up against will now 100% be flush fitting. This allows for a more accuratle angle of engagement between your motor pinion gear and the gearboxes bevel gear.

What about the insides? We hear you scream:

Those have also been updated. As seen below, material has been removed to allow for a wider range of gears to be used should you wish to run a different ratio, DSG or something else absurd.

The new zinc-based material results in a smoother finish too alongside more time spent on quality CNC machining after being cast. The gears and electronics are all exactly the same, those parts have not changed!

The major updates are to the piston, piston head, cylinder, cylinder head and tappet plate. Let us start off with the piston, this is an absolute must-have update!

The end rack has been extended from 3 to 6 metal teeth. This allows for the gears to have a more direct and strong mesh, a must for anyone seeking a higher rate of fire and FPS reliability.

As seen above, the piston has also been stamped with ASG trades. This is also seen on the piston head.

The piston head hasn’t just been stamped though. There are additional holes which inflate the o-ring more to improve its air-seal.

Next up, the cylinder has been upgraded in material quality to steel that will withstand more piston cycles. Again, ASG is doing this update so you can buy and AEG that lasts longer on the field between servicing and allow you to enjoy your investment for more years to come.

The cylinder is identical in length, but the hole that allows air in to create a volume is now simply a new shape, the outline of the ASG logo. Nifty, don’t you think?

When combined with the cylinder head, the air-seal is one of the tightest we have ever encountered. We love this new design where the rubber cap is removable (you don’t need to), but is designed to absorb more impact. This lessons the firing sound of your beloved EVO.

The head is rippled to reduce the contact with the cylinder head, this is designed to make the EVO sound quieter when firing. The new cylinder head design also removed the issue of sorbo pads falling off eventually because sometimes that happens after use or in fluctuating temperatures,

Lastly the tappet plate, this one is new to ourselves. The end that catches onto your sector gear/sector delay clip has been stepped. This reduces the chance of shims going flying upon disassembly but to also run smoother and feed BB’s more accurately under high rates of fire.

Let’s have a rundown of the updates:

  • Revised gearbox design
  • Revised gearbox manufacturing process, with a cast and CNC finished process
  • CNC machined gearbox selector gear plate guides
  • Gearbox now uses a zinc-based alloy, rather than aluminium alloy
  • Gearbox is slightly heavier resulting in a more realistic weapon weight
  • Slightly heavier gearbox for smoother operation and deeper muzzle report
  • Simplified gearbox casting features to minimise cracking
  • Additional  bracing surface to make the gun more rigid and robust
  • Improved cable routing to reduce wire wear and tear
  • Gears are now slightly closer together for improved meshing
  • Sector gear now sits closer to the piston to improve lifespan
  • Revised piston design, bearing the ASG Logo
  • Piston now features 6 metal teeth
  • Piston’s second tooth pre-removed for smooth engagements
  • Piston’s guide rails are slotted specifically to work with the revised 2018 casing
  • Revised steel cylinder
  • Cylinder now created from high precision steel
  • Cylinder now features a black finish, with ASG logo shaped porting
  • Cylinder features better air seal over previous revisions
  • Cupped/flanged piston head
  • Cushioned cylinder head, and functions similar to a sorbo pad
  • More consistent FPS over previous variants
  • Eliminated pre-engagement of the piston

So, are you sold? If so grab one now before the first batch sells out! Simple click here to be directed straight to the 2018 model.


Proving grounds. The place where heroes are made, ears are rung, and battle-cries rain.

June the 3rd 2018 was my first Airsoft game at Proving Grounds. I had arrived, full of anticipation as I made my way to the pre-game briefing, sporting my newly purchased P90, especially for the event.

After the briefing and an exciting giveaway, courtesy of NUPROL, the game was due to start in no time at all, I got changed into my gear and headed for the chrono.

Stepping out into the sunlit combat zone everyone checked their weapons range and accuracy. Once the marshal shouted game on, we set off running! We dived behind cover as a movement was spotted up ahead. Not knowing the map, I hunkered down at D1, looking across at my teammates as they signed the position of an enemy sniper hidden in the tall grass about 30m to our front. Knowing I didn’t have the accuracy to make the shot quickly, we worked together peppering the trees and moving grass to give our own snipers a chance to get off a shot. After losing about half the group we managed to prevail, moving up towards C1.

At C1 we regrouped with another squad from our team trying to push back the enemy’s line. This section became increasingly loud as pyro started to fly. Fortunately, by this point, I had become used to the P90 and began challenging the enemy players. Using the cover of the epic Enola Gaye smoke grenades, we pushed up out of the huts to the trench and wooden barricades. As I released BB’s into the enemy side at an alarming rate, I noticed an epic dash by a teammate darting out of cover to save a fellow teammate. I popped up and released a couple of bursts at the barriers ahead where I could she heads moving. As the BB’s hit the barrier the enemy ducked for cover and my teammate was medic’d in ultimate style. This event was not in isolation, however, and I saw many more acts of courage like this all throughout the day.

As we took an intermission the mood in the Safe Zone was friendly and a lot of laughs were being had despite the mix of sides and their actions during the game. After a cold drink and some food, I made my way back to the CZ, realising the spawns had changed a fellow player and I made our way back into the Safe Zone and out through an alternative exit. We edged towards the noise of gunfire ahead and noticed the enemy had pushed up a lot further than we thought and had been flanked. We dropped down into a trench and made our way as quietly as we could, with mud underfoot, down the trench going under an over any obstacles we encountered.

As we move to the far side of the bridge we saw a squad moving forward. Clearly, in a false sense of security given their position, we lay through the greenery and took out the squad without giving away our position. After a couple of close calls, I won’t go into, our luck ran out. We had been spotted and now a swarm of players from both directions edged towards us, shooting at anything that moved. Keeping low we edged back to more cover beneath a low bridge, knowing our time was limited we made a final stand, taking out four more of their players. As I reloaded there were BB’s flying far too close for comfort. My teammate was hit and before I could look round I had joined him. We made our way out of our cover, hands raised, a little disappointed that the thrill of being behind enemy lines was over. Then, to my surprise the enemy players that had taken us out congratulated us.

Towards the end of the day we had to capture and hold B2, after adopting a couple of different approaches and being repelled each time, I spotted teammates heading through the bushes with snipers rifles. In efforts to give them some support, and to avoid the onslaught I had been receiving for the past 20 minutes, I made my way into the greenery at a second point surprising two enemy players with a couple of quick bursts of my p90. These players were then stood waiting for a medic and I was unable to push forward. This called for my retreat where I stumbled upon some fellow team members, we made one last push but the enemy had overwhelmed the undergrowth and we were slaughtered!

All in all Proving Grounds was a huge success, a great turn out with a lot of very kind and talented players. As a newbie to the site, I felt welcomed and could still contribute to the team, I threw myself right in and was rewarded for it. I will be returning soon.

Want to find out more and book a spot for yourself and friends? Simply check out their website at and click on booking.

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