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NEW M50 Sniper Setup £99.99!

This week we have received a new Airsoft spring powered sniper rifle we have never had before, the Double Eagle - M50A.

Initially, we were not expecting great things from the rifle, the low price, the simplistic box design... But as soon as we opened it up and started to handle it, oh what a surprise.

In the box, you have the rifle itself, one magazine, butt plate extension pieces, a very basic sling and screw set to assemble the rifle's two parts together. So what shocked us? The weight and power! This is modelled directly off of the ASG - SSG 62 P2 quite clearly, but there are some slight upgrades.

The outer barrel is certainly a little more weight but it is not uncomfortable at all. The original SSG 62 P2 was too light, it was almost like handling a nerf gun sensation. The new Double Eagle - M50A was also firing 492fps consistently shot after shot whilst writing the original product description.

The rifle shares "VSR" like features too including an externally adjustable hop-up unit and a similar shaped trigger mechanism. This rifle makes a great budget entry-level option for those looking to experience the world of Airsoft sniping.

So what ammo should you use with this? Instantly do not go any lighter than a 0.36g BB, but we would recommend something heavier. You will be able to punch through foliage far easier, have a long straight flight, and your targets (enemies) will feel the hits more too. We have several options, but the top three are NUPROL - RZR 0.40g Precision BB x 1000, ASG - 0.40g Precision Ammunition 6mm BB x 1000 and the NUPROL - RZR 0.43g Precision BB x 1000.

But what about the usual issue with buying a new Airsoft gun... do we have spare magazines? Yes! Double Eagle - M50 26rnd magazines are available individually here. Alternatively, you can also purchase the ASG - Steyr SSG 69 P2 Magazine 2 pack.

Now onto the optics, we always advise spending a good amount on your glass as it can dramatically improve your sniping game. Where possible, go for a larger front glass, start off at 40mm. Anything smaller really is a waste of money. The larger the front glass, the more you can see. You can maintain aim on a target whilst reloading and seeing who may be approaching them to be mediced. The go-to budget yet excellent scope right now would have to be the NUPROL - 3-9x50  Scope which includes mounts too.

So what are you waiting for? Now's the time to get into backyard sniping or prep yourself for your next game day. Either enjoy it as it is straight out of the box with impressive power, range and consistency or have it as an affordable base to go to down with customising.

New this week: BONEYARD STEALS!

We've been smashing through our backlog of Boneyard returns, and we can tell you that theres definitely some steals here! Theres quite a few bits that wouldn't have made it to the website if we had our way as our staff were already eyeing up some of the more tasty bits.

If you're looking for something to cure those lock-down blues then check out what's new in this week below!

CYMA BY1415 CM.057C SVU Replica Airsoft Rifle

An CM.057C SVU Replica Airsoft Rifle returned by a customer seemingly after one game because they didn't like the rifle. The replica fires fine, and features very little markings, with a few scuffs you'd expect from a single skirmish at most.
There are marks in the magazine well from where the magazine has been inserted, and there is scuffs on the wiring which leads past the magazine well which will need looking at before use.
This rifle is perfect for those looking to save some cash by doing a small amount of tech work and touch ups.

WAS £279.99
NOW £199.99
Save £80

We think the customer didn't like the performance on the stock battery which came with it. If you're into Airsoft you'll know that 8.4v Ni-Mh aint' the best you can get. Slap a 7.4v LiPo in this and you're laughing.

Read more about the Boneyard CM.057C SVU Replica >

LCT BY1385 LCKMS Airsoft Replica AEG

This LCKMS Airsoft Replica AEG has been returned by a customer for being received with cosmetic damage, the weapon otherwise functions as normal. The only damage present other than the usual small scuffs and marks from pres oil is the damage to the wooden hand-guard which seems to have been caused by someone incorrectly closing the stock, or forcing it shut still folded by accident due to its stiffness.

WAS £369.99
NOW £289.99
Save £80

If you want to get your hand on a bargain gun that's basically working but just has a few scratches on it then this is a great buy. We reckon that any of the external marks you see here you would probably get after a skirmish or two anyway!

Read more about the Boneyard LCKMS Airsoft Replica >

Ares L85A2 Service Rifle - BY1198

A used item which is really good external condition apart from a snapped charging handle and bolt release. It does however have some internal gearbox issues which need addressing. The gun seems to function fine on Auto (albeit with some nasty gear spin when the trigger is released). Single Shot is where things fall apart and it takes two trigger pulls to complete a cycle, with some nasty overspin-like noises from the gearbox.

WAS £399.99
NOW £199.99
Save £200

It shoots at 355+ FPS so would need a downgrade to be skirmish ready. This item definitely requires a full internal inspection, hence the dramatic price drop.

Read more about the Boneyard Ares L85A2 Service Rifle >

Want to see more Boneyard?

Interested in looking at everything in our Airsoft Boneyard? Why not check out our Airsoft Boneyard Page, where we list every single Boneyard gun we have!

There you are, now you're up to speed with a few of the latest and greatest boneyard products from this week! Let us know in the comments what you think of our picks, or let us know if there is something you've had luck with repairing before!

Pre-Order! – VORSK Agency VX-9

UPDATE! The special editions have all sold out, we have just received delivery of the goods and are being processed and deliveries will commence as of the 8th of June. Due to the high demand we are now waiting for a second production run from VORSK, this may be quite a wait due to the current global situation. HOWEVER! We have produced a bundle deal on the standard editions where you can buy two and save £40. Check out the bundle deals by scrolling down on the product page.

Check out the standard edition of the VORSK - VX-9 GBB Pistol here.

Today we are bringing you the latest news and pre-order ability of the latest release from VORSK, the Agency VX-9!

We expect the VX-9 to be shipping to your door from the 8th of June, you will have three variant options available to you. Choose between Chrome or Black, each pistol comes with a unique suppressor and stunning accented details all over the pistol. The third variant option is a special edition box set that includes two VX-9's in one box alongside 2x standard and 2x extended magazines.

Lets expand on the questions everyone wants answering, first of all the magazines. As already mentioned the special edition models come with 4 magazines in total (as you have 2 pistols), two of these magazines are extended 50rnd capacity. This pistol is compatible with Tokyo Marui and RAVEN MEU 1911 Gas and CO2 powered magazines.

Straight out of the box we have reports from the developers that you can expect 330fps roughly using NUPROL 2.0 Green gas. The suppressor also features an inner barrel extensions which will further improve your pistols accuracy and range plus a little FPS boost at the same time. You can also dismantle the suppressor/inner barrel extension unit so you can put your own foam inside there too! VORSK also plan on releasing their own dedicated foam filled suppressors at some point in the future, right now we have no date on those.

As with most VORSK pistols, the internals are Tokyo Marui compatible, however it cannot be guaranteed every upgrade part is 100% compatible without minor modifications. We always advise you shoot your Airsoft guns over 2 to 3 games to let them bed in, before you start chasing a couple of foot in extra range with upgrades.

Both pistols also have removable real wood grips, a potential special assassin option could be to replace them with integrated laser grips...

So, if you like what you see you can pre-order right now through our website here.

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