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Classic Army M132 FIRST LOOK!

Today we had one of our regulars in to show off his new pride and joy and ask one of our techs to help set up an airline.

A little bit of background to this BEAST!

First of all, this is not as big as you would expect but it most certainly puts a massive smile on your face! The new version from Classic Army can be run off of either an air bottle or by screwing in a normal bottle of gas! AMAZING!

Being able to switch from a £60+ reliable air setup to throwing in a quick £8.99 tin of gas is perfect. Why? Well if one system decides to fail on you for whatever reason, you have a backup. Think about it, if you have an electric version and your batteries die or a cable snaps on your motor what can you do? Not a lot on the field... With this alternate gas system, it is an absolute godsend.

The insides:

First of all this thing stores a tremendous amount of BBs in the front where you screw off a cap and pour your BB's in. Internally there is a long spring and push cap to keep your BBs feeding in and firing as long as you hold the trigger. There is a small viewing hole too to identify when you have poured in enough BBs.

Each barrel has its own hop up too! All are adjustable one at a time via a grub screw on each barrel that is located under the side cover that can be accessed very easily.

Fitting your air supply is very easy and low cost, just a few quid for a couple of fittings and whatever length line you find desirable.

How did it shoot?

We will have a video for you once the proud owner returns with some more air in his bottle 😉 We didn't test it with a can of gas as it wasn't one of our own and he intends to mainly run pure air anyways. But we did get a quick blast on the range. The FPS is easily adjustable from our your supplies regulator. If you use a can of gas this is, of course, dependent on the type you go for and weather conditions.

Straight out of the box and about 90psi we were getting just shy of 300fps, this thing sounds great! Accuracy is incredible too. The trigger mechanism makes you feel like you are holding a serious bit of kit and the multiple rotating barrels spinning up just makes you a little bit wet...

We will have a more in-depth blog and video on this in the near future once it has settled in with its owner.

Want one for yourself?

Simply inform ourselves of your interest by contacting our store via email: info@patrolbase.co.uk

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