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Cleaning Your Airsoft Inner Barrel!


So, why clean your inner barrel?

  • Can increase your FPS
  • Will result in a straighter flight path
  • Can make a rifle quieter as the BB comes up quicker with less friction and resistance
  • Little to no risk of BB jamming


How often should you clean your inner barrel? This depends on how often you play but typically a tight bore inner barrel should be cleaned more often than a standard barrel, especially when using good quality BBs. Personally I clean the barrel the night before every game which used to be every 2 weeks. It is only a 5 to 10 minute job for most Airsoft rifles and pistols.

Standard barrels can get away with a clean every 3 to 4 games. Also the sites you play at can cause a faster dirt build up internally, especially sites with lots of sand, loose dirt and dust. Usually you would want to clean your barrel before every game at a site which has a lot of sand and dust, it can father up in the smallest of places and cause serious damage if not looked after.

How to clean an inner barrel using cigarette filters:

First of all TURN YOUR HOP FULLY OFF!!! This guide can be used for guns without taking your inner barrel out of the gun but works best with a full disassemble. If you don't want to take your inner barrel out, just push the cigarette filters in as shown and dry fire out! If they get stuck just pull the trigger a few times and it should fire out eventually (tried and tested in a range of guns). If it doesn't come back out don't go prodding other things inside!!!!! Strip it completely.

If you don't take your inner barrel out you may result in a small collection of dirt around the hop rubber as the cig filter can't pass all the way through the inner barrel (due to your Air nozzle etc).

So! Step 1 - Simple squirt a small blast of silicone oil onto your cigarette filter, and start to push the filter down your inner barrel ideally with a cleaning rod:




Step 2 - Push the cig filter all the way through the inner barrel slowly, giving time for the cigarette filter to collect as much dirt as possible and let the silicone oil absorb and collect muck:


Step 3 - Simply repeat the process WITH A NEW AND CLEAN CIGARETTE FILTER every time until the filters start to come through pristine:

Step 4 - Look down the inner barrel and check there is no residue / much / grime left. Any much left inside will cause your original back spin from the hop rubber to go offset and may cause your BB to start spinning and flying to one side when it comes out of your gun!


Step 5 - GO PLAY! Remember this guide is not the ultimate guide but it is cheap, quick and easy and can be done without fully stripping your gun, just dry fire the cigarette filters back out.

As you can see in the last image, it took a few filters to get it clean but you can get packs of 1000+ from pound land or somewhere similar here in the UK 😉

We hope this mini blog has given you some inspiration and makes your rifle cleaning life a little easier.

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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10 thoughts on “Cleaning Your Airsoft Inner Barrel!”

  1. Michael wake

    What a clever idea, simple but effective, as a smoker of rolling tobaccos you would have thought I would have thought of this genius idea. Thanks!


  2. 16kuokhc1

    Clever idea!
    However, lubricants (eg. Silicone oil) would actually make your barrel more DIRTIER. You should use cleaning liquids (such as Rubbing Alcohol or Water) since it makes your barrel CLEANER. Need more explanation? What would you use to clean your hands? Water or Silicone oil?


    1. Karl Post author

      Correct and this is why we use a few dry filters to push down after or a bit of tissue to help remove excess silicone oil. If you left oil in the barrel / hop it would also stick to your BB and make the BB’s drift / stick to one side of the barrel resulting in poor accuracy.


  3. J

    I know this article’s old but don’t know anywhere / anyone else who’s used this method. Might be a stupid question but can you recommend which size filters to use? I’d expect 6mm diameter obviously -slim type ones- but don’t know if there could be a better size? Cheers


      1. Karl Post author

        It said 6mm on the pack when I bought them years ago. They are marginally wider than an accurately measured 6mm and did the trick. I’m sure as they are squishy an 8mm can be crammed into an Airsoft barrel too.


  4. Billy

    SILICONE DOES NOT CLEAN BARRELS!! It does the opposite! Your barrel needs to be as clean as a whistle and free of any greases what will constrict the movement of the BB!
    Rubbing Alcohol is the best way to clean your barrel and remove any Grease you have left.. this is one of the biggest misconceptions in airsoft and the reason so many people have issues with their weapons.


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