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CM701 Inspiration

Today's blog has been produced to hopefully inspire a few people on what they can do to make their sniper rifle a little more unique. The focus is on a CYMA CM.701 which we do sell but the looks can easily be transferable to other rifles, not just sniper rifles too.

So, the rifle in this Blog started off as a standard BLACK CYMA CM.701 which can be bought by "Clicking Here". The first thing I did was change the sears out for a STEEL set. All internals are 99% Tokyo Marui VSR / Bar 10 compatible. The SHS Steel Sears we sell online "Click Here" are not completely necessary straight out of the box. BUT this rifle will eventually break due to the sears wearing out, you cannot predict when it will happen but at least we have you covered. After installing them I then filled the stock with expandable foam and started to dress the rifle in Hessian Sandbag material.

After this I then masked off the front and rear or the scope along with its dials and then the bolt on the rifle. Next was KRYLON spray paint time! I used 3 colours out of the range we sell.

Once roughly painted up I then used some leaves and twigs as a stencil to slightly break up the pattern.

Finished results are show below with a home made insulation tape kill flash.

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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2 thoughts on “CM701 Inspiration”

  1. jack

    where did you get all the rags and camouflage from ? also if i wanted it doing how much would it cost if you would want to do it..(i would be buying the material from you)


    1. Karl Post author

      From a hardware store called WICKS. We do not do this service simply because the time it takes to complete would be too expensive. It is easy for yourself to achieve with a free evening or two though.


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