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We just thought we'd keep you in the loop about how we are handling things: as of now (20/3/20) this is how its going.

Unfortunately, our Store and all our game sites are now closed. Wishing you the best of luck in these trying times.

Online orders are still available, and continuing to be shipped.


Online orders still available

"It is with a tinge of sadness that we have to close our retail store tomorrow (Saturday 21st March) until further notice. We suspect its the first trading Saturday closure since the original surplus store opened 40 years ago.

We feel we must follow our Prime Minister's guidance for the protection of our dedicated staff and loyal customers. Our online store remains open for business with all delivery options being so far unaffected.

We are fully stocked and if its not on line its on its way or ‘they haven’t made any’ Thanks to all our suppliers and customers old and new for their continued support during this difficult time.

We look forward to resuming business as usual and welcoming friends back for heroic skirmish tales and banter. Stay safe and look forward to welcoming you all back as soon as we can.

Chris, Simon and all the Patrol Base team."



With the closures of schools and other government measures set to be issued over the coming days, we cannot continue to operate with the increased risk in a close CQB environment putting customers and staff at risk.

With current restrictions in place, we cannot operate efficiently as a business during this time period. We rely on you guys coming down and playing, however, we cannot risk your health.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused but hope you understand. Look after yourselves but be conscientious of others as well during this difficult period.

Please continue to follow our page for updates upon future re-opening."



"Ladies and gents due to the prime minister's announcement to of pubs, clubs and leisure centres closing from tonight that unfortunately includes us. So operation Talos on the 5th April is now cancelled, any pre booked tickets will be valid for any future events but as of this time we can't say when that will be so please keep your eye on this page for further information and look out for operation "Phoenix"."


We hope to see you soon, and hope you get through the next few weeks as safely as possible.

Written by PatrolBase Jonny, who has written a total of 74 posts.

Jonny has worked for Patrol Base for 5+ years, working in the media department and on the main website. Responsible for managing the software which runs the website, bringing new features wherever possible. You can get in contact via Facebook and Instagram.

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