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CRAZY – Super Light Sniper Rifle

We hope you find this blog a little crazy...

What do we want?

So, sniping on a budget, can it really be done? YES. How? Well with a little bit of time and patience nearly any budget sniper rifle these days can be slightly tweaked to make them competitive against the highly upgraded Tokyo Marui alternatives. However, it is nearly always down to the actual shooter that makes a great Sniper.

With this rifle, we wanted to achieve the following:

  • Not spend over £130
  • Achieve 460+fps
  • Lightweight as possible
  • Look crazy!
  • Be accurate

What did we start with?

The base rifle is an ASG Steyr SSG 69 P2, available both online and in-store. Out of the box, these rifles are competitive enough already! Yes the FPS is low but with a small spring upgrade the FPS skyrockets with very little strain on other internal components.

What features made me go for this rifle?:

  • Cost
  • Adjustable external hop unit like on a VSR/Bar-10
  • Already quite lightweight
  • Thick polymer stock
  • Easy bolt pull
  • Included accessories, magazines, speed loader, glasses and additional butt plates

What has it become?

In my eyes? Something completely different to every other rifle on the market! It is a bit marmite, you either love it or hate it.

The stock has been completely swiss cheesed on all sides, a large cut-out area near the bolt assembly to remove a mass amount of plastic. Looking back on it, I kind of wished I had just swissed this too but too late. The actual back end of the stock has had the most work, completely cut out, filled with expandable foam, shaped and then used an old AEG inner barrel as a brace.

I put in a slightly larger spring too which can be purchased by "Clicking Here". The hop rubber currently remains standard as this part combined with the stock hop arm can lift a 0.40g BB quite easily. The inner barrel has been swapped with an AEG inner barrel, stock once again to keep costs down but slightly better quality than the one inside. Don't get me wrong, the stock barrel is good but the most budget looking I have ever seen. The AEG inner barrel required a lot of remodeling, it isn't the most attractive but it is very secure!

Finally, the FPS is at 470 average and this may increase once the rifle has been properly used and bedded in a bit. This can take up to 1,500 rounds which is very time consuming but you generally get peak performance 4 or 5 skirmishes in depending how much you shoot from a box fresh rifle or hop upgrade.

Breakdown of parts and accessories:

Total price: £117.96, taking the 2nd hand scope into consideration I spent £147.96. If I bought the scope new it would only be £157.96 and this includes 2 spare magazines! You can buy cheaper scopes from our store but I love the 50mm ones for being able to see more.


What's next?

Skirmish it! The rifle has only been tested on a 20 meter range so far but every shot is bang on. The rifle will be put in action on the 9th of July at the next HALO Mill - Proving Grounds outdoor skirmish. For more information on this event, "Click Here".

We will give a follow-up blog based on the results after the next skirmish with hopefully a few in action photos from the game day too.

The rifle may be camouflage spray painted before the event... we will see. The suppressor fitted also needs modifying as it comes with a tube inside that needs to be ventilated so I can then wrap it in wool to silence the rifle slightly. I may also add more homemade barrel spacers but at the moment it is supported fine with the one included and the end barrel cap.

Stay tuned for our next blog, reviewing how the rifle has performed and if it holds up with all the swiss cheesing...

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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8 thoughts on “CRAZY – Super Light Sniper Rifle”

  1. Jesika Cook

    Would you guys be able to make the above Rifle for purchase? I gladly pay the £150 for it (without scope, i got my own) + Delivery i just dont have the tools to create such a beautiful rifle


    1. Karl Post author

      Unfortunately not, it would take too much time and cost too much in labor. We hope this blog serves as some “inspiration” for others to follow. Tools wouldn’t be that expensive to purchase though.


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  3. Adam McFets

    So is the inner barrel different?
    If so I want to do eveythifng but change the inner barrel will every upgrade still work? And will the silencer work?
    What’s the difference with an Aeg inner barrel in it.


  4. Chris Macfarlane

    hi guys…….
    ive built this myself and only thing ive changed is the high power spring, shooting .4s and made my mate sick at 50 meters in bak of head mid game…… its pushing 498-499 consistantly too and accurate as hell


  5. AIM

    Its weird i was looking to buy this gun a while ago and this came out the next day when i was literrally gonna buy it, when i get it im in northern ireland so max fps is 328 so im not gonna change the spring as its fine but those dots/holes all over it what are they are they holes/ dots/ stickers,
    if you can tell me how you did those and what they are thanks 🙂


    1. james farrow

      would imagine they are holes to bring the overall weight down as the whole build was centered around being light weight and that the stock has been cut down too.


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