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Dear Santa – Giveaway!

It's that time of year where everyone needs to get their Christmas wish lists posted! Well this year, we are well and truly making your dreams come true!

All you need to do is write up your list, tag us in a photo of your list on Instagram with the hashtag #dearpatrolbase and we will randomly select a lucky winner on the 19th of December 2018.

So, with the basics over, let's get into the finer details!

Where do I enter?:

Instagram only! Why there? Because it is easier for ourselves to track entries, count how many people enter and then randomly select a winner with a random number generator.

How do I enter?:

Whether it is handwritten or electronically into your phone in a Notes kind of app, we need you to write up your Christmas wish list up to a value of £350 with products selected from our website "www.patrolbase.co.uk". Then upload a photo or screenshot of said list to Instagram following these rules:

  1. Start your wishlist with "Dear Patrol Base, For Christmas this year, I would like..."
  2. Wishlist must not go over £350 in value
  3. Submit a screenshot or a photo of an eligible handwritten list to Instagram
  4. Tag us with @patrolbase in your photo and use the hashtag #dearpatrolbase

If you do not do exactly what is stated above and the random number generator finds a person who hasn't use the hashtag as well as the @patrolbase, then we will have to choose again. We need to keep this a level playing field, especially for entrants who follow all the rules exactly.

What are the limitations?:

  1. Entrants with Airsoft guns on their list must be 18+ to enter!
  2. If you do not hold a valid defence (please click here to see our full terms) then we will offer to two-tone it for free!
  3. All entrants must be UK Mainland or within our EU shipping regions, full details can be found here
  4. Entrants younger than 18 years of age are allowed to enter without rifles/guns/pistols (RIF's and two tones etc) on the list
  5. Entrants with an Airsoft gun must provide valid ID that matches the same address your valid defence is registered at too
  6. Should anyone not reply to our corresponding messages within 12hrs of messaging we will pick someone else!
  7. Should someone fail a defence check and not want a two-tone option they will be removed from entering
  8. Should someone under the age of 18+ enter with an Airsoft gun on their list, they too will be removed from entering

Why are we just removing people from entering, if chosen as a winner hasn't followed the rules perfectly as above?

Because we want to make this as fair as possible for as many people as we can. We do not want to pick a winner, go through all the checking process and then find out they have not followed the rules perfectly when someone else could have won who has done so.

We will do our best to pick a winner on or after the 19th of December with an aim to ship your goods and be with you before Christmas day.

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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