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EVO – Pre-upgraded Offer!

This is a limited time offer where our SCOPRION EVO's are now being shipped with a pre-upgraded spring guide.


Currently we are encountering a high number of ASG SCORPION EVO's being returned due to a snapped "standard spring guide" installed from manufacturing. We have decided to upgrade our EVO's Free Of Charge for a limited time only.

The new re-enforced spring guides will allow you to shoot in confidence and enjoy a full day of skirmishing.

How do we pre-upgrade your EVO? Check out the photos below.

First of all the stock needs removing. This can be achieved by folding the stock half way to expose the spring guide.

first shot

Push in the spring guide in as you push the stock up and off the RIF as seen in the photo below.


Now you will have the spring guide fully exposed to insert an Allen key.


Twist the Allen key, it will only turn one way! Once turned the spring guide will push out.


Be careful when the spring guide comes out that it is not launched.


We then swap over the spring guide to the new up-rated version from ASG. As you can see we have added a little bit of lube to the spring guide only for a smoother operation.


If you want an upgraded ASG SCORPION EVO of your own then "Click Here".

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