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Feature Friday – Pete

Today we would like to introduce you to Pete, an in-house photographer who you may occasionally see on the field with a camera, capturing event snaps of you in action at HALO MILL - Proving Grounds.

The Gear:

Collected over time, Pete has acquired mostly Surplus clothing such as the MTP trousers and UBAC. As for the essentials, he is quite the NUPROL and Viper model.















Starting from his head down, yesterday Pete took advantage of our recently stocked EARMOR M32 Headset. Keeping the sun out of his eyes and off his head he has opted for a VIPER Elite Baseball Cap and a pair of Revision SAWFLY smoked glasses.















Heading down we are teased with the start of his rig consisting of an EMERSONGEAR JPC Rig. With the headset, Pete also purchased an M52 PTT button. A fine selection of Patches has also been applied to Velcro admin panel top.















Moving down (as seen below) you can bear witness to a range of Ares AMOEBA 140rnd Mid Cap magazines finished off with a nice pair of MECHANIX Gloves and a retro CASIO F-91W watch.

Accompanying the chest rig, Pete also runs an additional MOLLE Belt setup with more pouches for his magazines and dumping, along with the righthanded G-series holster.

The Gun:

Petes two go to Airsoft weapons are his beloved ASG - CZ Bren and his sidearm choice is the Tokyo Marui - G-series G17 Gen3. So why the Bren? Pete chose the Bren at a perfect time when we had a near half-price sale and since then it's had a little tickle internally.

The insides have had a GATE Titan V3 mosfet installed to improve the trigger response along with an ASG Ultra harder hop-up rubber to lift those heavier BB's with less pressure applied. The Bren was also chosen due to how solid it feels in the hand and its out of the box reliability. You have to admit, you don't see many out there on the field!

Pete has fitted a NUPROL - ZR10 Sniper Scope and Big Dragon QD Suppressor. Just a heads up, we are expecting the scopes back in stock mid-November 2018!

For now, Pete is very happy with how the Bren fires and hits target down range and doesn't see any additional upgrades coming anytime soon. To keep everything together, his primary is slung on a Condor 2 Point Sling.

Onto the pistol... Why not have a Tokyo Marui G-series? Pete had never really considered a TM before because of the polymer feel and price tag. But after having just one go on the range, he was sold. The gas efficiency, how it feels and accuracy sold it in seconds. His new baby is cared for within a NUPROL - G-series G17 Holster. The night sights seen on the pistol come as spares in the box straight from the factory!















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