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Feature Friday – Pinder

The man behind your pre-upgraded guns, web-return repairs and two-toning. Every day Mark is deep in guns at our warehouse working alongside customer services and the packing department. Over the years Mark has owned many Airsoft guns, been inside almost all gearbox versions and even ran his own Airsoft site! Today we are showing off his latest prized possession and showing you what he runs with when he gets out on the field.

The Gear:

Not one for being a gear-whore however he does believe in quality! Mark is also known as Pinder (because it's his surname) on the field to his friends, his whole setup is based around running as practical as possible and currently lightweight because of his primary (we will get to that soon).















So what's he rocking? Let's start from the head down:















Onto the rear, he is a fan of some novelty patches now and then as seen by his Gismo Gremlins patch. The carabiners are for securing backpacks and also to be "dragged from a danger zone" a little easier when in need of being revived by a teammate fast.















The Gun:

Mark's beloved ASG - Scorpion Evo 3 A1 BET is not standard at all. Internally he's done almost everything imaginable and it even has a couple of external modifications too! Maybe the first in the world to do so... we will fill you in on that more shortly.

So, the insides, the guts where all the magic happens! Firstly here is a breakdown of parts and upgrades (based off of the 2018 model):

  • Prometheus - Inner barrel
  • Prometheus - Purple bucking and nub
  • Prometheus - Hard high-speed gears
  • Laylax - Helical bevel gear and pinion
  • ASG - Ultimate CNC 30k motor
  • Anti-reversal latch retro-fitted
  • Sector gear has been short stroked by 2 teeth
  • ASG - Ultimate m110 spring

Why all these upgrades when the guns apparently really good already? PERFECTION! and maybe addiction... like many Airsofters out there, if there is the ability to get a 1 inch tighter grouping, a bit more brrrrrrrtttttt per second then they'll do whatever it takes to achieve it. Prometheus is a known brand for reliability and precision but does come at a price tag (just a heads up before you run off googling it).

Externally Mark has fitted a VORTEX - Crossfire Red Dot Sight with the included high mount fitted. Once again, a "luxury item" but with a VIP lifetime warranty for any accidental damage, who can blame him?!

To go with the custom insides, the suppressor has been shortened considerably in length with some handy craftsmanship to be more "integrated" with the handguard. Internally the once empty can has been filled to suppress the high pitches Airsoft crack considerably. Mark is a sneaky player but also isn't afraid to get stuck in when needed hence the heavy internal upgrades for those fast trigger response room clearance moments.

Fancy having a setup like his?:

Simply give our customer service team a call, we are happy to do upgrades before shipping out new purchases: 01484 644 709

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