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Feature Friday – Stargate Sam

A few may have seen him before, but now he's a bit more decked out with kit and some more Airsoft experience. Sam is our in-house graphic designer and Stargate fanboy who made his first purchase a CYMA P90. Over the last few weeks, he has slowly been building together more magazines, gear, pouches and game time experience.

So what's new? 















Let's start off with the gear, trying to stay as close to Stargate as possible but also on a budget (because we know not everyone is minted), Sam has gone for the following so far:















What's next for Sam (gear wise)?

More fitting gloves, trousers, and some winter layers. Something with a bit more flexibility in the groin whilst still looking fetching out on the battlefield. Sam likes to keep things on a budget whilst still being functional!

The gun!

For those who haven't already seen the little Instagram updates (follow us now), the P90 has had some tasteful ROF (rate of fire) upgrades:















Stay tuned to our blogs as next up... we have The Milky 😉

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