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Feature Friday – Stuart

You may have seen this last week with Sam's P90 on our Instagram account, well now we are taking it a tad further thanks to Stuart (who has been playing a hell of a lot longer).

Every Friday we want to introduce you to our team and show what we use out on the field! Today, let us introduce to you Stuart Manks. Our in-house product photographer and bearded giant. Oh he also runs Halo Mill - Proving Grounds once a month. You can click here for more information.

The Gear:

Stuart's current go-to setup is lightweight, practical and supportive. He likes to run with only what he needs to reduce energy consumption and keep a slim profile for those intense firefight scenarios. A full list found in the pic can be found below:

# VIPER Tactical - Lazer Special OPS Plate Carrier
# MAG - 8x 130rnd M16 Magazines
# Haley Strategic - Dangler Pouch
# 1LM - Ranger Eye Patch
# TDO - Airsoft Patch
# TDO - GRATTO patch
# TDO - LADY G Patch
# Superfly Patch
# Georaga Patch















On his back Stuart occasionally runs with his VIPER Tactical - Backpack storing additional ammo, pyro, and other essentials to make sure the job gets done!















As for his lid he's running the following to look after the supercomputer inside:

# EMERSONGEAR - MICH 2001 Helmet
# Z-Tac - Headset
# Z-Tac - Arc Mounts
# ARC - Helmet Rails
# VIPER Tactical - Snood
# EMERSONGEAR - Counterweight Pouch
# 1LM - Flag Patch
# BOLLE - Silium II Glasses

The Gun:

One of his longest owned RIF's the gun was imported specifically for him but fully built up in-house with GATE electronics and other shiny parts, more on that will come in the future. This thing shoots like a laser with an incredible trigger response.

# Salient Arms - GRY AR15
# NUPROL - AXE Stock
# MAG - 8x 130rnd M16 Magazines
# Haley Strategic - D3 Sling
# VORTEX - Crossfire II 1-4x24 Scope

Want to find out more?

Simply follow out Instagram account as we are posting vids, news, and details of our own kit all the time! Click here to follow us today.

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