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If you haven't already, check out the "project intro" by clicking "Here".

So since the last blog the following has been done:

  1. Inner barrel cut down into suppressor
  2. Tokyo Marui AEG hop rubber fitted
  3. AFG fitted and stippled
  4. Emag stippled
  5. SYSTEMA FOAM pads fitted to the stock
  6. ASCU GEN3+ installed
  7. AIMPOINT T1 fitted
  8. HAIR TRIGGER mod started
  9. Pistol grip stippling started

So the first thing was the barrel, currently still using a standard brass barrel, it has been cut down with small pipe cutters then re-chamfered inside. In the future this will be replaced with a tight bore. I then slipped on a TM hop rubber, maybe next month the tight bore will be installed.

The next step was to install the ASCU GEN3+. Luckily there is already a JG BLUE high torque motor in the gun. You must have a high torque motor for an ASCU system. The ASCU Gen3+ replaces all the electronics with a new circuit board with a built in MOSFET. You can read more and purchase your own "Here".

So, following the provided manual, I first of all cleaned out the gearbox of all the old grease that came from the factory:
Both sides were cleaned out using degreaser spray, ear buds and towel. The shims were put onto the gears in the same pattern. The gears already run quite smooth with little play. I will not reshim the gearbox until I fit some high speed gears in the near future.

Next in the manual I was instructed to remove any pegs that would push wiring into the lower half of the gearbox, this prevents any cutting. Below are pics of the before and after results:


This caused alot of metal filings so the degreaser was brought back out and everything was blasted and dried off nicely. The next step was to start installing the ASCU! WOOOOOO!

From past experience with then GEN2 you have to be really careful with the wiring, there is less wiring with the GEN3+ as everything is printed and soldered within the trigger block it self. It is still important to be careful as these are sensitive bits of kit.

So the cutoff lever goes in first, simple drop in replacement procedure, you will not need the selector spring anymore either so put that in your storage box.
The next step was to place in the lower half of the trigger / ECU / chip set / block / magic bit... but to ensure the cut off lever sat in the right place as instructed in the manual. Once again follow the user/installation manual step by step and  you can't go wrong.

However... with this Cybergun / Cyma gearbox there was some modifications required. The hole the trigger peg sits through was formed badly on the other side, this was flattened off with a dremel. The small peg where a screw is used to secure the trigger mech/board to the lower half of the gearbox was also shaved off. There is still enough thread through the gearbox case itself to allow the screw to still be installed. After those 2 "cuts" were made, everything fitted together like a glove as seen below:
Now add some thermal paste to the marked areas and as seen below, re assemble the rest of the gearbox then add a selector plate that is provided with the whole kit. You must replace your old one for it to fire semi on semi, and full auto on full auto. You may need to file the provided selector plate thinner in certain areas, 2 minutes work though. Every gearbox manufacturer uses different tolerances.

Below is a shot of the heat paste being used:


So, next I cut a tooth out of the piston to allow for future Angle of Engagement corrections to be made. YouTube is your friend to learn what AOE is. We will do a more detailed BLOG on this ourselves in the future when we install some high speed gears.

Before and after AOE shots below. Please note a file was used after the last photo to give a smoother finish. There is a good chance this piston will be replaced in the future for a harder one with the high speed gears.
So with that done, the gearbox is 100% rebuilt, pistol grip installed and then tested with a nice 11v LiPo. Video results will be coming in the next blog.

That is it for today's update! Next time we will cover:

Hair trigger mod
User testing and REVIEW of the ASCU GEN3+ after installation and skirmishing
Stippling magazines and more
Polishing the stock tube

Future plans include:

  • Polishing the inside of the gearbox
  • Installing high speed gears, shimming and AOE blog

Hope you have enjoyed this read, check out for future news from our home page, www.patrolbase.co.uk

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