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Free Gift Batteries / Chargers, Replace them!

Hey everyone, I'm PatrolBase Jonny, you might have seen me answering questions on TokyWoky. A lot of people have been asking on TokyWoky about why some guns don't come with Batteries and Chargers, I'm here to say: that's not necessarily a bad thing. We recommend that if a gun comes with a free charger, you don't use it, and if it comes with a free battery, you only use it as a spare in dire situations.

Before we begin, just a quick reminder: Don't forget to only use Ni-Mh chargers with Ni-Mh battery, and only use LiPo chargers with LiPo batteries. This is because they charge in different ways due to their chemical makeup.


Why shouldn't we use the free charger?

If you're desperate, sure, you can use the charger, but we'd recommend against it for a few reasons.

Firstly: they don't Auto Stop when the battery is charged, this means you have to take an educated guess on to when the battery is fully charged or not, meaning that a lot of the time you'll either under-charge or over-charge your battery. Buying yourself a decent aftermarket charger can save you the nightmare of having to play roulette with the charge levels, and it'll stop charging as soon as the battery is completely full, giving you peace of mind going into your Skirmish.

Secondly: They're slow. Free gift chargers usually have a slow charge rate, meaning some larger capacity battery can take hours to charge. Aftermarket chargers are usually faster because they can provide a higher current because they can auto-stop safely when the battery is full.

Thirdly: Not really a biggie, but more of an annoyance, but free chargers usually come with a EURO / Shaver two pin plug, which means you have to find yourself an adaptor to use them.

My advice: Throw them away, they're more trouble than they're worth.


Why shouldn't we use the free battery?

If you're in a squeeze sometimes these battery can be a life saver as a last minute resort, but we'd typically recommend against using them for your Main battery, and keeping them as a spare for the following reasons:

Firstly: They've typically got a low capacity. When referring to the capacity we usually mean how much charge it can hold, aka its life, which is the mAh (Milliamp Hours) rating of the battery. The higher the mAh rating of the battery, the longest it will last. Typically you'll find with free or gift batteries that the mAh rating is usually somewhere between 1000mAh - 1300mAh, compared to the better quality aftermarket batteries which typically feature a 1600mAh or higher capacity. That's a between a 20% to 60% capacity increase on either end of the scale, and of course the more power you have, the longer you can play.

Secondly: The wiring quality is usually worse than on Aftermarket battery. It's quite common to see a free gift battery have its wires snap, break, or come away from the battery with just a little bit too much force applied. Aftermarket battery usually have better soldering and wiring meaning they can take more punishment. Nothing is worse than pulling a battery out of your bag on game day and finding the wires have broken.

My advice: Keep them as spare backup battery, but replace them with a better capacity aftermarket battery for your rifle. These free / gift battery make the perfect spare should you run out of charge on your main battery, or should the worst happen, a backup battery for one of your friends. Sure, its annoying to have a battery that wont last long, but as a spare for someone who doesn't have a battery, they're a life saver.


What can we get instead?

There are a range of options when it comes to batteries, all the top brands such as: ASG and NUPROL offer their own chargers for both LiPo and Ni-Mh batteries, but if you're interested we've put together a few bundle packages which are great for beginner Airsoft Skirmishers so they can get the Charger and Battery together. And the good news: they all have a higher battery storage capacity, and all auto stop, so you don't have to worry about overcharging your battery, or worry about how long it's going to take.

We also recommend that you grab yourself a LiPo Charging Bag, because you can never be too safe.

Hope this helps those of you who are looking for information on the free Battery and Charger you usually get with Airsoft Guns, and don't forget, if you need help you can always ask the community via TokyWoky. For those who don’t know what TokyWoky is, its the chat system down at the bottom right of the page that allows you to ask questions to the Airsoft Community. You can read a more detailed blog on it: TokyWoky Community Chat System

Hope this helps ?
– PatrolBase Jonny

How do I know when a battery is charged?

How do I know when my battery is charged?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! If you're using a free charger, they usually don't auto-stop so you have to take an educated guess buy working out the charge time, or feeling when the battery is warm. This is why we recommend getting an aftermarket charger because they Auto-Stop. This means they'll stop charging when the battery is full. Check the instructions for each charger, but usually a light will turn on when the battery is full.  Hope this helps 🙂

How many battery do I need?

Im off for my first skirmish, how many battery do i needs?

PatrolBase Jonny
Hey there! My recommendation is usually to take at least two batteries with you. This means you can either swap half way through the day, or keep one on you to swap in the field should your battery go dead in the last third of the day. Hope this helps 🙂

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