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Fun Printable Airsoft Targets & Game Ideas

Bored during the lock down? We are! So we could keep sharp on our skills we had Patrol Base Sam draw us up some targets to shoot at. If you fancy honing your Airsoft target shooting skills indoors or in your garden why not check out our designs below.

We've also put together some game modes you can have a go at too!

The Targets

All our targets come in .pdf format, and are designed to be printed on A4 paper.



Targets 5 and 6 can be stuck together to make a larger A3 target at longer distance for snipers!

Game Ideas

The Range

Place a target as far away as you possibly can and try hit the outside, inwards. If you're doing this inside we'd recommend the small A5 targets but if you're in the garden the A4 one will be fine.

Speed Shooting

Print out the A5 targets and place them at 2m intervals, then stand back 5 meters. Try hit them as quickly as possible. You can either have a friend time you on their phone, or download an IPSC shooting timer app.

If you're using an IPSC shooter app stand rested, wait for the beep, then try hit the targets as fast as possible, the app will tell you your time based off the sound of the shots.

Scoring Challenge

Using targets 2 and 3 think of an even number between 2-100, the shoot the target until you add numbers up to your target.

Target two will be the easiest, as target three has numbers inside each-other so you can't miss!

Hopefully this saves you from some boredom during the next few weeks! Stay safe!

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4 thoughts on “Fun Printable Airsoft Targets & Game Ideas”

  1. levi monnickendam

    thanks for this, i was so bored but couldn’t find any targets but now i will have something to do


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