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Get your WARQ on!

You may or may not of heard of them, but they're kicking up a storm. They're here, they're the WARQ helmet: a helmet which gives full face protection right out of the box.The WARQ helmet was born out of the requirement of full face protection for Airsoft which is fully secured and wobble free.

The helmet itself is constructed from high quality and highly durable materials, comprised of Aluminium, Polycarbonate, Fiberglass, Brass, Polyamide Nylon, EPP foam, Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene, Rubber and Microfiber Leather. The helmet comes fully constructed with a clear polycarbonate lens and aluminium mesh lower face guard, and is rated to last the user up to 3 years.

Traditionally in Airsoft players were forced to build their own full face helmet setup comprised of a random helmet, eye protection and lower face mask which usually meant that nothing would fit right, shift about during the day, and even fog up. That is now a thing of the past: the WARQ helmet fits together perfectly, with each part of the helmet fitting together securely to make a one piece system which is wobble free and provides protection from all angles.
If you're worried about customisation options, there is no need, the WARQ helmet is fully modular, with the ability to swap out the Visor, Mesh lower, and the Top, allowing you to customize the helmet to your heart's content. WARQ offer a full range of aftermarket replacements, meaning not only are you able to make the helmet your own, but should any part become damaged it is easy to swap with a replacement part.

This helmet is perfect for those safety conscious Airsoft players who want protection from anything an Airsoft Skirmish can throw at them. Being scared of low flying BBs, Sniper Rounds, Tag Rounds, Rocks, Branches and more are a thing of the past. Run head first into combat with a smile on your face!

Got you interested? Why not check out the helmets below!

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