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GHK G5 Basic Maintenance

This is a very basic guide on cleaning up the GHK G5. This is personally my first GBB rifle, so far everything has worked great apart from a little choppy fully auto firing. The cause? Not enough lube in the magazine. Following this exact guide below, I have cured all problems and amazingly made the G5 even more enjoyable than it already was.

The below guide is going to show a simple and relatively quick clean up of both the GHK G5 magazine and rifle.

First of all this entire clean up has been done with only a bit of:
# Blue cleaning rag / tissue
# Cotton ear buds
# Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 Spray (Click here to "Buy")
# Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 Dropper (Click here to "Buy")


The magazines are the first to be cleaned. The gas wants to be emptied first, either fire it it out using your RIF or press the valve for short durations until empty. Do NOT let it all out at once! This can cause damage. Then spray the back of the gas release valve and press the button several times as shown below:


Now spray inside the gas route / release port as pictured below, do this a couple of times whilst you are pressing and releasing the gas knocker valve:


In the picture below you can see the internal valve opening and closing, this is where you should some oil in, this can increase your FPS back to when you bought the rifle if not better!


Now fill your magazine back up with your chosen gas to preserve your seals!


Now onto your G5 rifle, first of all pop out the rear body pin, this gets easier over time, it may need gentle persuasion. After doing this several times you can eventually push it out with a pen.

push out body pin

Open the upper from the lower and pull out your bolt assembly.


Using an ear bud and tissue clean off your old gunk and muck. Please note the grit / dirt, this wants cleaning off when you get in home from every Airsoft game.


Pull back on the "piston" to expose the rubber o-rings, I personally use silicone spray in here as shown below:


Now pull the piston back several times and let the spring pull it self back in on its own. Do this several times, if it still drags and is not a quick snap back then add a little more oil. Be sure to pull the piston / bolt out smoothly and straight so nothings snags on its return.


On the side of the bolt housing clean up with some tissue:


Now apply a small amount of silicon oil. You can experiment between a range of oils, just find what works best for you:


With the bolt all lubed up you now need to clean out all the old gunk and dirt from your upper, we just use a bit of silicone oil spray then wipe out with more tissue as pictured below:



Now put in your freshly cleaned up bolt and run it up and down in the upper a few times to spread your new oil.


Re-assemble, pop back in your bolt and go play!


We found the gun was firing at 100mps when first bought, had gone down to 85mps after 5hrs of skirmishing and now after a clean up, it is firing a strong 100mps again. This entire clean up can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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5 thoughts on “GHK G5 Basic Maintenance”

  1. Kaspar Reed

    Thanks for this helpful guide

    The bit on magazines is especially useful

    I use graphite on the bolt carrier and it works like a dream !


  2. Marco

    Hi guys,

    Great instructions! I cleaned my g5 following your instructions.

    Got a question though:

    I have the G5 with dmr kit. Can’t setup the hop properly. Can’t get more than 40 meters. Maybe needs a better hop or hop nub? Have you experienced similar issues with the hop? Any help would be appreciated.



    1. Karl Post author

      Hello, we have not experienced any issues after fitting them personally. You can put the wrong bolts in the wrong way (basically there is one longer than the others) and can crush the hop unit causing damage. Make sure you have not done this by taking the hop and inner barrel out.


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