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Go Camo! – Sniper Update!

HEADS UP! Plenty of photos 😉

Following on from our last blog, we want to show you one of our methods for camo'ing up your beloved rifles.

If you haven't already seen the first part of this blog then "Click Here".

What do we use?:

First of all, we use the paints we sell. Our KRYLON range can be found by "Clicking Here". You can use any colour you like, it dries super fast and sticks to just about anything.

For the purpose of this blog, the colours I used were:

Some of you may ask, why the bright colours? I do play in woodland mainly these days and the brighter colours just break up the rifle a tad more. I tend to try and use the brighter colours sparingly but to try and re-create the sharper highlights you may get from ferns and such.

After masking off important areas you do not want to get paint on!

We then start by roughening up the base a bit with some sandpaper or steel wool. Then move onto normally using the darkest colour first, in this case, I will use a bit of Black as a primer, a very thin coat as the rifle is already Black. The Krylon Black adds a flat finish too. I will come back to use Black again later to just dull down any bright spots.

Lastly what you need, some kind of stencil ideally. I personally love to use natural foliage. One of our members of staff made a rack of twigs secured in cardboard as seen in the photo below.

Leaves, grass, stone edges and twigs make for great stencils. All I do is lay them on top of the rifle and then paint over them.

The process:

Apart from the already mentioned roughening the surface, masking and finding some foliage the next step is taking your time. You don't need to spend hours on this as you do want it a bit rough around the edges so it blends into your environment.

As already mentioned, on this rifle we start with the darkest colour then work out way up usually in brightness.

Simply by using the vegetation as a stencil and spraying over it, building layers and going back and forth, you will end up with your desired finish.

You can see in the photo below I even used some steel mesh to really break it up and add a subtle touch.

The results:

Here is the final result!

I have gone for a very subtle finish, so far away it almost all blends, but when you get up close and really want to hide, the finer details pop and you will blend in with your environment more.

Below are a few close-up photos, firstly a close up of using a leaf as a stencil.

Secondly a close up of using the fern tree.

And now a close up of how the steel mesh effect.

What's next?:

In the future, there may be a slight colour change. The gun overall is still quite dark as I tend to stay in the shadows. A little brighter colour may be used just to make the "fake vegetation" stand out slightly more.

We will get more photos of this rifle actually out in the woods. I will be using it this coming Sunday at HALO MILL - Proving Grounds, "Click Here" for full event information.

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