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Hex Cooker Experience

Recently myself and a couple of Patrol Base members went Airsofting and during our dinner break the guys pulled out their Hex also known as Hexi cookers to boil some water for their meals. I was impressed as I had never seen one used before, just on the shelf. So, this blog shows how they are used and my amazement throughout the cooking process for something so compact and cheap!


The silver cooker comes in a very small box, exactly 12cm by 9.5cm and 3cm thick. the cooker is then folded out and the provided pack of fuel is then broken up and split as shown in the photo. Please note no matches or lighter is included in the pack! You need to bring your own. Opening the cardboard pack you instantly get a wiff of the fuel blocks, they remind me of dry flake fish food. AWFUL SMELL!


Once the fuel blocks are lit they produce an invisible flame at first and no smoke, you can just see the shimmering shadow. Once the flames make contact with your pan though or debris falls onto the lit fuel blocks you do get some orange flames as shown below.


All the guys boiled water in there own alloy cans / tins and then mixed it with super noodles, bovril [disgusting!], pasta and other packs of near instant food. The water was ready to use after about 3 to 5 minutes of boiling, luckily we were boiling water in direct sunlight on a nice 18+ temp day with little wind. The 8 provided fuel blocks had a few remaining after too for a future meal.


Once done with the cookers were left to cool and brushed off and put away for storage for next time!


The little cooker is great and completely reusable, the entire cooker and provided blocks are only £4.99, if you want more fuel blocks or when you run out you can get a new pack of 8 for only £1.99!

If you fancy your own "MIL-COM Portable Hex Cooker - Silver" then "Click Here". If you want some spare "MIL-COM Hex Cooker Refills" then "Click Here". 

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