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How To Buy: Two Tone

We still have lots of people asking "how do I get my gun two toned?" using our website. Well we hope this simple little guide will help you out.


We have two options, first of all though you still have to be 18+ to buy a two toned BB gun. You can buy a gun from our "Two Toned section" or Add a Two Tone service to your basket. Now, depending on what we have in stock limits you to what can be two toned. If you cannot add a product to your basket it is out of stock!


If you see guns on our website that you want two toned and are not in the Two Tone Guns section of our website then you need to add a "Two Tone Service" to your basket.

For a "Red Two Tone Service click here". For a "Blue Two Tone Service click here".


Both services will add a £15 charge to your basket. Please note, any Two Tone job can take up to 5 working days for your order to be processed from the day you place the order. Why? Well we need to let the guns dry. We do our best to make the guns dry faster so they get to you sooner but we cannot guarantee a quicker service. This is why we advertise up to 5 working days. So please take this into mind when buying birthday presents.

When you add a two tone service to your basket you will still later be asked for a "UKARA Number". The code you need to enter when prompted can be found in the products description but for reference it is: TTS00000


We only paint our guns in 2 colours for a Two Toned item, that is Blue or Red. Depending on how many cans we have left limits you to what colour can be spray on the day you place your order.

All guns are painted in store, they are not painted to a BMW / Porsche quality. Over time the paint may come off especially if you do not take care of your items. Colour may vary slightly from the pictures you see of two toned guns on our website too.

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