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King Arms Transparent M4 – Problems

Today we uncovered a problem with the King Arms M4 transparent model that we believed, you as the paying customer deserves to be made aware of. The trigger contacts in the rifle are not the best in the world.... However don't let this be off putting to go ahead and purchase this rifle. It is an easy fix!

The contacts in the King Arms are open to corroding relatively quickly, even with a small 9v battery connected. However, today we opened up an M4 that was having issues firing on full auto. This was due to a slightly miss shaped trigger contact. The problem was simply resolved by replacing this contact with a brand spanking new Dboys for £15.99.

To prevent the contacts from burning out we are also now able to fit our home made MOSFET in store before posting for an additional £20.00. The MOSFET works by lowering the voltage going to the trigger contacts from 9v to 1v yet still delivering full power to the motor. Below are a few photos of our in store engineer investigating the problem along with a picture of home made MOSFET fitted into the M4 front.

Written by Karl, who has written a total of 202 posts.

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2 thoughts on “King Arms Transparent M4 – Problems”

  1. Singh

    Ello, that gun looks familiar.

    The gun in question would be mine I presume, after it packed in during a skirmish at First and Only’s Heywood site I sent it in to the guy’s at Patrolbase to have a look at.

    When I rung in I was given the bad news that the trigger contacts had burnt out. That said John (in pics above) had managed to get my gun back to working order using his mad arcane magical engineering powers and hey presto my gun was ready for pick up.

    You’d think that this would be the end of the tale but no, there’s more. On speaking to the mad wizard John I was advised that by replacing the trigger contacts for the Dboy’s one and fitting the MOSFET that I would get a much better and crisper trigger response. The added bonus for me was the cost, I thought it would cost me an arm and a leg to get my gun back in working order when in reality it has been done for a very affordable price.

    In summing up I would say this, the guy’s at Patrolbase are ace, on the 2 occassions my gun has gone to them they have surprised me with their enthusiasm, helpfullness and professionalism in dealing with things, cheers guy’s.

    Oh, and just to add ‘If you have a problem and no one else can fix it, you need the mad wizard John from Patrolbase’.


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