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KRYLON Looking Glass – Examples

Our KRYLON Looking Glass Mirror-Like Spray Paint has forever been a very popular spray paint but we always have people asking "what does it look like when applied?".


Well we have a few examples as shown below and a short guide on the best way to apply the paint to get the best results.


These images have been used "from here".


As with every spray paint the cleaner the surface the better the results will be at the end. It is especially important to remove any oily substances as this will cause your paint to run and not dry properly leaving odd reflective spots and dullness in other areas. Below is a short bullet list on how to paint an object to get the best result:

# First clean the area of any stickers
# Lightly sand the area or whole item you wish to spray with some 800 grit wet and dry sand paper (if you wet the paper make sure the item is fully dried with a hair dryer before applying any paint)
# Using a specialist dust / surface preparing cleaner wipe the whole surface to remove any excess dirt and oily areas (de-greaser also works, "Click Here" to see what we use)
# Now spray your item ideally in an area that is at room temperature and also well ventilated! Follow the instruction on the back of the car regarding spraying distance, waiting time to dry and volume and area you can spray
# It is always best to dust the item with a really thin mist of spray at first and build up 2 or 3 more layers of dusting before giving a solid coating

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