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Our best selling Krylon Paint with Instore Airsoft Customisation

At Patrol Base we sell allot of Krylon spray paint and so we decided, "Why not start customising our guns with paint?" and so I personally went and re-painted my Maruzen L96 with the a range of Krylon paint that we sell online.

The plan was to replicate a Digital Camo style on the gun using woodland colours but broken up with khaki. The hardest part was creating the stencils to produce the digital effect mainly due to how long it takes to cut them out.

Once the stencils were all prepared the painting could begin. In the end I went and painted the entire gun, magazines, bipod and scope flip up covers.

I personally think it turned out quite well, not originally how I intended it to look but it has the desired finish and once it’s ghillied up, I think it will be more of a stunner.

Pictures of the final product:

Unfortunately I had not thought to take any photos during the whole painting process, but if there is a next time I will try to remember and maybe produce a guide on how to create this effect yourself.

If you don't have the time on your hands to re paint your gun then contact us at Patrol Base to see if we can create your dream paint job.

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