LONESTAR Tactical: An alternative to Krytac?

Looking for an alternate to KRYTAC? We know some of you have been waiting a long time for Krytac to come back into stock, so we’ve been looking for alternatives. Well, we’re happy to announce that we now stock the Lone Star Tactical LA M4 SBR Lone Star Tactical AEG Range. Will they replace the Krytac in terms of popularity? Only time will tell, but what we do know is that they’re just as well built for a fraction of the cost.

Lone Star Tactical LA M4 SBR
  • Price: £389.99
  • Fully Licenced Warsport Rail
  • Integrated MOSFET
  • One-Piece Hop-Up
  • Integrated MOSFET
  • KRYTAC Trident Mechbox
  • Locking Bolt and Bolt Release
  • Ambidextrous Fire Selector
  • Price: £289.99
  • Wobble Free Design
  • Cerakote Coating
  • Hex Style Magazine
  • Wire Cutter Style Modular Handguard
  • Hex Style Magazine
  • Steel Gears for Reliability
  • Vertical Grip Included

The rifles do have a few things in common, mainly quality of the build, which no one can argue, is great for both weapons. Externally the rifles both share a similar rail design, both based on the ‘Wire Cutter’ style design with a full length top 20mm RIS / RAS Rail, and a Modular Rail System which allows you to move the rail panels to different locations and attach accessories right where you need them. Both rifles also feature full length top 20mm RIS / RAS Rails for attaching sights and scopes, along with removable top sights for when you attach sights and scopes, as well as a removable Top Hat Style Removable Bird Cage Style Flash Hider which reveals a 14mm CCW Thread for attaching Suppressors and Tracer Units.

However, Lone Star have taken their builds a step further by Cerakote Finishing their rifles. A Cerakote finish is a type of Polymer-Ceramic coating that can be applied to a range of materials such as Metals, Plastics and other Polymers designed to enhance the durability of the surface. This makes the rifles more resistant to wear and tear, reducing wear, corrosion and hardness of the finish making them last and look better for longer.

The Lone Star is also considerably cheaper than the KRYTAC, being £100 cheaper allows you to spend the money elsewhere, allowing you to pick yourself up a few upgrades instead. In our opinion, the best thing you can do with your spare money is to grab yourself a Gate TITAN Drop In MOSFET V2 Module, which is a drop in MOSFET Kit designed for Version 2 Gearbox, which are typically seen in M4 Variant Rifles. The Titan is a complete trigger set replacement, with optical sensors instead of mechanical switches and has a high end software and sensor based sector gear detection, allowing some of the fastest and most efficient AEG builds. The Titan improves the performance of your weapon, giving you a better trigger response by allowing pre-cocking, and allows you to highly customise the way your rifle functions.

The Lone Star is perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who are looking for a top quality, realistic looking Airsoft replica, with has a solid feel and plenty of room for Upgrades and Accessories, and simply, it looks cool right out of the box.

For more information on the Lone Star Tactical LA M4 SBR Lone Star Tactical AEG Range you can check them out on our New Products Page!

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