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Magpul Fast Attach Silencer – Breakdown Review

Recently we have been questioned "How good is the silencer?" and "Is it really worth the price tag?". Well today we went and took one of the "Magpul AAC M4-2000 Fast Attach Silencers" to pieces to see how it worked and what made it different to any other silencer on the market.

First of all we needed to test how it performed. Magpul claimed a 30% improvement on its previous model on making your AEG more silent from the muzzle of your AEG. We went and used the "Magpul Beta Project AK47" to test the sound output with and without the silencer. Between a group of store staff and customers there was an instant noticeable decrease in sound.

Airsoft silencers are known for decreasing the high pitched crack you get when firing your AEG. The Magpul AAC M4 series fast attach silencers do this and more. You will also get a decrease in FPS just as you get with a real steel silencer. The Magpul Beta Project AK47 lost up to 20fps with the silencer attached which luckily brought it to just under 350fps making it site legal to most sites in the UK (check with your site to comfirn your FPS limits, sites can vary from 330 to 370fps).

So after a confirmed test with a group of regular airsofters, engineers and staff we could confirm the silencer definatly worked and more so than a regular £20 to £50 silencer. The next investigation was to how it was made and what really made it Worth the high-end price tag.

First of all, as oon as you pickup the silencer you can tell it is a quality piece of kit. With a substancial weight behind it and an attachment flash hider that is robust and thick threaded you know you have spent your money well. You are not buying Chinease cheap quality metal.

The silencer is filled from the front with foam down to about half way if not a little more of the silencer. The internals are completely removable and if you wish to, customisable too.

There are four main areas that effect the silencers performance:

  1. End cap - slightly milled out larger centre hole than its previous version to avoid any BB collision when firing your AEG
  2. Removable ring foam (one piece rather than separate pieces that can clog up and catch BBs as seen with other silencers!)
  3. Centre spring - Used to centralise the foam and absorb any recoil/vibration
  4. Chrome dispensing o-ring - Used to split air output and secure the internals. Dependent upon the length of you inner barrel, this chrome o-ring splits air into the centre of the foam and, into the outside area as pictured below due to the 4 holes drilled into the metal.

All of the internals are quality metal and foam. The foam is a soft form with plenty of pocket holes to capture air and sound!

The pictures tell a thousand words really, you can see more below to see how the silencer is built and what you can find inside it. There is little to no room for improvement from user testing and feedback from our own staff and customers.

There is no significant difference between the M4-2000 and the SPR version apart from the length from initial investigations.

We hope you have found this breakdown review interesting and informative and look forward to answering any questions 🙂

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