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Magpul Masada PTS Barrel Disassembly

Recently we have been receiving several complaints about the hop unit causing problems within a Magpul Masada PTS. After several hours of repairs we have come down to a conclusion that it has possibly been caused to incorrect disassembly of the inner barrel / front end section.

To correctly disassemble the front end preventing damage you must first of all fully turn off the hop unit!

The Magpul Masada PTS has an excellent design in how it can be disassembled within seconds. However, due to the ease and pace users are stripping the rifle and causing internal issues, generally it is repairable but with excessive incorrect disassembly you could create long term and expensive damage to your hop unit!

Below is a step by step picture guide showing you how to remove the front end and inner barrel correctly.

First of all remove the magazine using the mag release catch as shown below:

The next step is to remove the body pin that keeps the front hand-guard connected to the lower receiver. This is a simple push out pin and is easier to pop out using a pointed object such as a biro as shown below:

Continue to pull the rest of the pin out from the other side of the gun. The pin will not pull out completely unless you use excessive force, this is not needed! Pull the small pin until it clicks, then slide the front fore grip forward as shown below:

The next step is to fully turn the hop off, do so by turning the hop wheel in the opposite direction to what the arrows show. For the purpose of this guide we have highlighted the arrows red. Turn the wheel the opposite way! To access the hop wheel, you need to pull back the charging handle first as shown below:

Next you need to disconnect your battery if you have one fitted:

Next step is to pull down the locking arm, then twist anti clockwise (to the right shown in the pictures). As you do so the locking mechanism will click and grind, this is a normal sound! Once fully undone, you will be able to slide the outer and inner barrel forwards and you have completed the disassembly of the front end.

Below is a photo of the locking mechanism that holds the inner barrel, outer barrel and hop rubber all together.

The re-assembly is straight forward being a complete reverse of this guide. For any more information of help contact us.

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