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Magpul Massada AKM and PTS Stock fitting Guide

Recently we have discovered that a few people are having difficulties re-fitting their stock on both PTS and AKM.

The solution is simple! When fitting the stock be sure to fit the upper locking pin first! Below is a guide to how to fit the stock on the AKM and PTS Magpul range of Airsoft guns.

As ever it is best to work in an open and lit area to keep an eye on any small pieces that may fly out of your Airsoft gun during disassembly and assembly.

First of all, line up the stock with the lower receiver using the cut out grooves as shown below:

Next, simply slide the stock down into the receiver ensuring the holes line up. Then close the upper receiver firmly for the upper locking pin holes to line up too as shown below:

The next step is to push the locking pins back through until you get a clicking noise (don't worry if you don't get a clicking noise, just push the pin in firmly). REMEMBER TO PUSH THE UPPER LOCKING PIN IN FIRST! as shown below:

Congratulations, you have just successfully re-fitted your stock.

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