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You may have seen the news from Popular Airsoft, we now have it printed and posted around the store. We have known about it for a while and have been informing people via word of mouth.

Find the last of our MAGPUL PTS range here: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/magpul-airsoft

When our stock of MAGPUL PTS product is gone, we will not be ordering anymore unless things change. This means our MAGPUL PTS wall in store and our website page will be getting updated with all sorts of new shiny stuffs.

Anyone care to guess what it could be? Comment on what you would like to see Patrol Base stock more of:)

"From: PTS XXX [xxxxxxxxxx@magpul.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 X:XX PM
Importance: High

Attention Magpul dealers,

PTS will be halting production of all Magpul related Airsoft components immediately. This action was determined in conjunction with Magpul USA to stem the proliferation of counterfeit Magpul USA and Magpul PTS components. These counterfeit parts are being offered not only in the airsoft market but, of much greater concern, in the real firearms market and they are showing up in the military supply pipeline. This action was taken to close off the US borders to all Magpul related imports to ease the identification of Magpul counterfeits. Magpul USA is working closely with the State Department, Dept. of Homeland Security, US Customs, and other US federal law enforcement agencies on this issue. PTS Magpul products may return in the future but no timeline has been given.

Thank you,

Find the last of our MAGPUL PTS range here: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/magpul-airsoft

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