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It's an investment... 

Welcome to what could be the best "investment" you can make... and your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/bank manager won't be too upset either 😉

If you own a Marui or ASG Mk23 NBB (none blow back) pistol but you want even more range than it already impressively has, well we have you covered!



The HADRON Designs MK23 Socom TDC (Tod Down Centre) Cover Hop Mod fits onto your pistol with very little effort. We even made a video on how to do it which can be found below:

So why do we love this mod so much?

This is so easy to fit! It replaces your dust cover for this unit and features a hex screw and fits all Airsoft MK23 NBB gas pistols. You can adjust the Hop Up of your MK23 without having to Strip the pistol. As many within the Airsoft community know, the MK23 NBB series of gas pistols are renowned for having excellent range and accuracy, especially for something the size of a pistol.

However, to adjust the Hop Up, users must normally strip the gun down each time they make an adjustment, which is hardly practical or convenient. This replacement dust cover solves this problem, the new cover features an external Hex Screw which applies pressure directly onto the MK23s hop-up arm.

The cover hop mod allows the use of 0.25g and even 0.32g BBs to be hopped with little difficulty.


We have them in a plentiful supply in-store as well as online. To buy through our website simply "Click Here"

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